Facing the sudden change of temperature, in fact, the heart is as sensitive as the skin. In winter, there is higher number of cardiovascular disease incidences than any other seasons. We should pay attention to heart condition during winter.

For those who have congestive heart failure or suffer from cardiovascular disease, in addition to healthy everyday routine, they shall also pay attention to monitor their heart rate and other health condition using a portable and home‐based electrocardiography (ECG). This will allow them quickly detecting any abnormal sign and keep track of their heart condition.

Heal Force 

Portable ECG Prince 180B

Portable and Home‐based Electrocardiography (ECG)

Heal Force Prince 180B ECG


Dual Mode Measurement

Continuous measurement function, real-time attention to heart condition

Bluetooth Data Transfer

Compatible with IOS, Android System

Mass Data Storage

Automatic data storage function, Peace of Mind

Professional Analysis Function

Downloadable ECG Management Software, Generate Analysis Report at any time.

In winter, the temperature is low, the pressure on the heart will increase after the blood vessels contract. Therefore, stay warm, exercise regularly, and maintain good eating habits will help you stay safe this winter.

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