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Dog days will pass soon! Each season is a high incidence of chronic disease. The body’s resistance is easy to become lower, coupled with the summer and autumn alternate season temperature suddenly down, a hot and cold alternate will cause the heart is not comfortable. The reason is when we are in the cold environment, blood vessels will contract, but in the hot environment, the water of the human body loses more, resulting in a reduction in the amount of effective circulation of blood vessels. Don’t worry! The portable ECG– Heal Force Prince-180B comes out!

China is facing a heart disease pandemic, according to a study in the Cardiovascular Health of Chinese Adults, which is much younger than those in Europe and the United States who are over 70 years old, and Chinese who have suffered from heart disease. This condition has not been all attention, occasional angina, palpitations are often ignored, but heart disease is very likely to have a sudden attack without warning, 90% of heart disease sits out of the hospital, the success rate of rescue is very low. Keeping an eye on heart health and regularly monitoring your ethnos is an effective way to prevent heart disease.

The portable ECG-Prince-180B is small in size and can capture abnormal ECG anytime and anywhere. It is convenient to use hand-held measurement and can warn of sudden risks in advance. It is also capable of helping people who often have chest tightness and palpitations but cannot monitor the problem in the hospital.

Heart problems can be found in daily monitoring. To prevent and detect heart problems, daily home monitoring is carried out simultaneously with hospital inspections, heart health status is known in time, and heart disease is effectively prevented. By monitoring and tracking the health of the heart, the portable ECG is able to control and improve bad habits, boost the health of the heart, and prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Functions of the Portable ECG-Heal Force Prince-180B

  • Handheld quick measurement-only 30S
  • A stand-alone machine which can be carried with you
  • Continuous measurement of up to 22.5 hours
  • Storage: up to 2700 data
  • Analysis of 17 heart rate results
  • Data sharing and remote transmission
  • Assist chronic disease management through small programs on Wechat
Portable ECG-Heal Force Prince-180B
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