Developmental technology for neonatal solutions

8502 series infant phototherapy incubator uses constant temperature and safe warm equipment, simulated uterine ring, and maintains proper temperature and humidity in the environment. It carries out “bird’s nest” care and is equipped with no wind ultra-thin fan headlight blu-ray treatment instrument to ensure uniform light and prevent excessive phototherapy and let the baby effectively treat newborn jaundice in a comfortable environment.

8502 Series
YXK Babay incubator
YXK Series

We designed an environmental condition suitable for neonate patient by advanced thermoregulation system, and ability to control heat and noise and so on , provides comfortable, easy to use for caregivers.

Radiant warmers and incubators are both essential medical devices used to maintain the body temperature of newborn infants, providing safe and stable environments for them to heal, grow and develop. 

FXQ series infant radiant warmer delivers better care to newborn patients in case of emergency or therapy jaundice in the open care system.

FXQ4H Infant Radiant Warmer
FXQ Series

• Big area lighting to ensure sufficient treatment effect with uniform intensity
• Fan-free design to eliminate noise and disturbance to laminar flow
• Offer multiple-point LED cold-light
• Models with fixed or adjustable working angle are available
• Mounting way-mobile on the stand with castors GLQ1 L
-fixed beside the incubator GLQ2L
-integrate with the incubator of 4 suction base GLQ3L
• 99 levels of adjustable light intensity for individual phototherapy need
Time countdown setting to avoid overtreatment
• Ergonomic design for easy access to the baby cradle, infant warmer or incubator

DHD-C Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer

Early neonatal pathological jaundice is prone to bilirubin encephalopathy, so it is important to screen for early pathological jaundice.

The jaundice tester produced by our company applies optical fibre technology, photoelectric technology, electronic technology and data processing to percutaneous bilirubin measurement. The test is painless and harmless, as long as the probe is lightly pressed on the skin of the forehead of newborns and infants, the serum bilirubin concentration value can be directly measured in an instant.

NICU Monitor

Apollo N1 Monitor

• 8.4 inch TFT touchscreen, lightweight & compact design
• Weak current detection up to 0.1 mv of ECG ensures monitoring performance on neonates
• Anti-movement technology using on SpO2 and NIBP ensures accurate reading
• Unique adjustable respiration lead for raising neonatal patient monitoring accuracy
• 112mm built-in printer maximum output 7 waveforms simultaneously

Artemis 4 Monitor

• 10.2" Inch large-screen color TFT display, digital display and waveform oscilloscope of twins heart rate(FHR) and uterine contraction pressure (TOCO)value
• Directly viewing 1: 1 scale of display and print out the waveform
• 7-wafer impulse ultrasound transducer, configured with special HR self-correlation reading algorithm to ensure correct and reliable fetal heart rate(FHR) measurement
• Auto power failure protection and reliable rechargeable Li-ion battery can realize continual monitoring function

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