Relative quantifiation

Relative quantifiation describes a real-time PCR experiment in which the expression of a gene of interest in one sample (i.e., treated) is compare to expression of the same gene in another sample. 

Absolute quantification

Absolute quantification describes a real-time PCR experiment in which samples of known quantity are serially diluted and then amplified to generate a standard curve. Unknown samples are then quantified by comparison with this curve

Melting curve

Melting curve analysis is an assessment of the dissociation characteristics of double-stranded DNA during heating.

Analyze the specificity of real-time PCR results: the presence of a single peak indicates that the specificity of the amplified product is good, the specificity of the hybrid peak is poor, and there is non-specific amplification, such as primer dimer. It is generally used when SYBR Green is used as a fluorescent dye, because SYBR Green dye is a non-specific dye, as long as there is amplification, the dye can be embedded in the double strand to emit fluorescence.The dissolution curve is to observe whether our amplified fluorescent fragments are the products we need.

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