Innovative optical design


The pioneering optical technology of X960 real-time PCR system provides sensitive detection for precise quantification and target discrimination. The optics shuttle individually illuminates and detects fluorescence from each well with high sensitivity and no cross talk.

Light source excitation

Compared with tungsten halogen lamps, we choose LED light sources. Longer lifespan, high light source brightness, but low maintenance cost, and no need for regular ROX calibration, so that every user can invest in detection efficiently, instead of worrying about high-cost maintenance and regular calibration.

Unique dual optical path for transmission

Insulate excitation and detection separately, preventing any signal interference.
Optical fibers are stored in cassette to ensure the accuracy and free of interference.
No edge effect thanks to this patented design.

Fluorescence detection

Industrial grade high-resolution CCD, which is not affected by magnetic field and has lower singnal-noise ratio. Compared with PMT detection, CCD has better receiving frequency bandwidth, short detection time, and 96-well high-throughput synchronous signal acquisition.

Multiplexing PCR

X960 real-time PCR system can discriminate up to five targets in a single reaction well. The optical filter sets are designed to maximize fluoresence detection for specific dyes in specific channels. The light path is always fixed and optimal, and there is no need to sacrifice data collection in one of the channels to normalize to a passive reference.

Every misdiagnosis is a waste of time,
and we are racing against viruses in time

Precise temperature control system

X960 has the most advanced Peltier-Based (technical military-grade refrigeration sheet), which uses semiconductor heating and cooling, and at the same time cooperates with 96-well gold-plated modules, metal transmission, metal transmission, higher efficiency, and higher efficiency.

The temperature rise and fall rate of up to 5 ° C / sec brings not only a shorter time, but also more accurate temperature, better uniformity or higher specificity or lower misdiagnosis rate.

Consumables universal, worry-free procurement

3D design hot cover

3D design hot cover design, adjustable rotation, compatible with various height centrifuge tubes. At the same time, the hot cover module provides pressure to the centrifuge tube and forms a heat pressure to prevent the evaporation of the liquid in the tube


Compatible with 96-well plate, 12-well strip tubes, 8-well strip tubes

High quality peltier plates ensure amplification efficiency

Standard gold-plating promotes heat conduction performance

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