More information about X960

Everything you need to know

 Fast processing and powerful network functions

Samsung Cortex-A8 CPU, maximum operating frequency: 1GHz.

Also has wired or wireless connection.

One PC can connect multiple PCRs

Fast and accurate temperature control

PCR-stable temperature, the result can be fast and stable.

Semiconductor heating and cooling, six-zone independent  temperature control.

96-well gold-plated module.

Maximum temperature rising and falling speed: 5 ° C / s.

Temperature accuracy: 0.1 ° C.

No interference design

New optical path design without mutual interference.

Long-life LED excitation light source.

Unique dual fiber design without interference.

Full optical path sealed cassette design, the host is made of aluminum.

More clear and more quiet

High-throughput synchronous signal acquisition.

Industrial grade high resolution CCD with low noise.

96-well high-throughput signal synchronization signal acquisition.

More Unique Selling Points 

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