Why multi-line genetic testing PCR instrument is necessary?

The laboratory is full of talented people, and there are a lot of projects that need to be analyzed and completed. However, the number of PCR machines is limited, and it is necessary to wait for the time arrangement of the use of the PCR machines to proceed one by one, which often delays the progress of the experiment. The Heal Force Trident 960 new generation PCR instrument came into being to meet your multi-line simultaneous experiment needs. We have assembled three modules that can independently execute the corresponding temperature change program for you. What the original three PCR instruments could do, now only one Heal Force Trident 960 PCR instrument can do it. In this way, the place is saved, the time is saved, and the cost is properly reduced!

Trident 960 PCR

I am honored to introduce you

Heal Force life science instrument series

Trident 960 three-module thermal cycler!

Streamlined white body

-Elegant atmosphere-

On the basis of adhering to the excellent performance of the Heal Force PCR instrument, we have adopted the Android system, and have made significant optimizations in the temperature control program settings, program file management and graphical interface to provide you with a more comfortable operating experience.

Powerful software processing system

  • Advanced Android system, strong software scalability
  • 1.2GHz operating frequency, extremely fast processing speed
  • 2D, 3D graphics acceleration engine, smooth running screen

Clear display on large touch screen

  • 10.1 inch color TFT capacitive touch screen
  • Familiar Android interface, comfortable software operation
  • Visual display of overall program running status

Unique thermal lid design

  • One key touch screen to open the cover, convenient and quick
  • Three-color indicator light, the status of the instrument is clear at a glance
  • Spring lock design to ensure proper pressure contact between hot cover and tube cover

Practical multi-module design

  • The three modules run independently and can be used by three people at the same time to avoid long waiting
  • Parallel experiments are completed at one time, efficient and reliable
The temperature change rate can be set in a single section to meet the demanding experimental needs
Pull type direct-acting electromagnetic opening design
Tap the screen to open the lid
8G body storage, capacity can be expanded via USB interface
And realize the import and export of data
Easy and quick module replacement
No tools required, easy maintenance
Reserve mechanical opening function
Ensure that the hot cover can be opened safely after an accident
10.1 inch color TFT capacitive touch screen
Equipped with Android system, beautiful interface, smooth operation
Newly added low-consumption mode, one-key shutdown, safe and energy-saving

GM-05 Gene Amplification Instrument -A Good Helper for your Laboratory!

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