Pregnancy and childbirth are a special physiological process for women. Women’s body hormone levels will fluctuate at this stage, leading to changes in tissue metabolism, weakening of the pelvic floor support structure, and affecting pelvic floor function.

Pelvic Floor Health

Postpartum pelvic floor muscle training is a functional rehabilitation training, whose main function is to strengthen biofeedback, and is characterized by high efficiency, non-invasiveness, and painlessness. The puerpera can perform pelvic floor rehabilitation training in time, and can consciously exercise to control the pelvic floor muscles and make reasonable adjustments to better repair the pelvic floor muscles.

HF-3000 EMG Biofeedback Device

HF3000 features simulated sound signals or visual signals to feedback and prompt normal and abnormal pelvic floor muscle activity, helping patients or doctors understand the correctness of pelvic floor exercises, so as to achieve effective exercise effect. It is used for auxiliary rehabilitation of pelvic floor dysfunction diseases, postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation, and neurological rehabilitation. The product has two software solutions for pelvic floor rehabilitation and neurological rehabilitation, which can meet the diverse needs of different mothers.

Features of HF EMG Biofeedback Device

Heal Force EMG biofeedback instrument has a standard EMG and pressure detection free selection function, can freely adjust the sensitivity according to the patient’s condition. RMS calculation reduces abnormal interference signals and sets a planned rehabilitation program to facilitate the operation of the doctor.


It is suitable for pelvic floor pain, high muscle tone, urge incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, mixed urinary incontinence, mild shedding, moderate prolapse, etc.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation tips: 42 days postpartum is the golden period to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction, and within 1 year postpartum is a critical period for pelvic floor muscle recovery. Mothers can follow the doctor’s advice and guidance according to individual symptoms. Regular hospitals conduct professional pelvic floor function rehabilitation training to promote the patient body to recover as soon as possible and return to a healthy rhythm of life.

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