Solutions of Patient Monitoring in Different Application Scenarios

  • 12.1-inch high resolution LED with LCD backlight; Maximum 168 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters;
  • Adjustable respiration lead helps to get accurate RESP reading for different patients;
  • 120mm slim design which is modern and saving space;
  • 112mm removable wide range printer can output 7 waveforms simultaneously
  • Lightweight and portable, easy for patient transport. 
  • Comes with a 7inch colour display which allows simultaneous display of up to 7 curves. 
  • Accessories for adult, neonatal and pediatric patients are available.  
  • Provides visual and audible alarms with individual alarm setting. 
  • Maximum of 480 hours trend graphs enable nearly all parameters and trends to be listed. 
  • Different mounting solutions are available, such as wall mounting, rolling stand mounting and bed assembly methods.  
  • Network capacity with PC-1000A central station is optional.
  • 15 inch high-resolution LED backlight LCD with touchscreen;
  • High linear correlation NIBP monitoring results in different patients and environments;
  • Optimized Sp02 algorithm ensures fast and accurate in low perfusion or patient movement;
  • Plenty trends review records up to 168 hours for all parameters;
  • 12 lead ECG optional for ICU/CCU requirement.
  • 15 inch high-resolution LED backlight LCD with touchscreen;
  •  Modular design for convenient and efficient functions extension;
  • High anti-interference ability with 8000V ECG isolation voltage to resist defibrillator shocking;
  • Double isolation technique ensures IBP reading without interference when using electrosurgical;
  • EtCO2 sample flow rate low to 50ml/min;
  • Friendly interface ensures efficient operations during the surgery;
  • Optional VGA output for slave display in OR.

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