General speaking, materials expand or contract subjected to changes in temperature. Most materials expand when they are heated, and contract when they are cooled. Amazingly, this common rule of physics applies to human as well – reflected by our blood pressure.

Blood flow refers to the movement of blood through a vessel, tissue, organ, and is usually expressed in terms of volume of blood per unit of time. 

Hydrostatic pressure is the force exerted by a fluid due to gravitational pull, usually against the wall of the container in which it is located. One form of hydrostatic pressure is blood pressure, the force exerted by blood upon the walls of the blood vessels or the chambers of the heart. When the weather is warm, our blood vessels tends to expand creates more rooms for blood to flow through, vise versa, when it is cold causes blood vessels to narrow which increases blood pressure as more pressure is needed to force blood to flow through narrowed veins and arteries. Therefore, blood pressure generally is higher in the winter and lower in the summer. 

The average systolic blood pressure of the human body will be nearly 12mmHg higher than it is in summer, and the average diastolic blood pressure is about 6mmHg higher!

This is why many elderlies who normally have their blood pressure under controlled, suddenly begin to feel abnormal in winter.

Cardiovascular health management in winter becomes particularly important. Pay attention to blood pressure control, here are some tips to prevent high blood pressure.

Keeping Yourself Warm in Winter

Understand the relationship between temperature and blood pressure, keeping warm in winter for middle-aged and elderly people has become very important. Some feel like they are physically strong or trying to wear less to improve immunity, but when the temperature drops dramatically, the human body react to low temperature by stress response, which may cause a sudden increase in blood pressure, due to damage of cardiovascular health in human body.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to wear scarves, hats, knee-pad protection and other clothing when going out in a cold weather.
Healthier with Less Salt and Oil

In 2015, WHO issued recommendations that the daily intake of salt per person shall not more than 5g.

However, in winter, many families have the habit of eating “pickles” and “kimchi” and other foods which are high in sodium. High sodium food can cause excessive sodium in our blood, and increased blood concentration and blood pressure. Plus the stimulation of low temperature in winter, may lead to an increasing number of blood pressure complication.

Pay Attention to Blood Pressure Daily

For who already have hypertension or elderly people with high blood pressure, it is very important to take preventive measures by paying attention to blood pressure daily using an electronic Blood Pressure Monitor at home. Seek for medical advice immediately when you find that your blood pressure is high.

Healthy lifestyle with routine care!
Heal Force C02 Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Our Heal Force C02 electronic blood pressure monitor adopts a comprehensive boost measurement method to obtain more effective pulse waves when before and after pressure, it provides accurate measures for blood pressure. The pressure is increased at a constant rate during the measurement, and the gas is quickly deflated after the measurement, which makes the measurement experience for parents more comfortable. The C02 blood pressure monitor uses a unique cuff storage compartment design, which is convenient and compact. Built-in large-capacity lithium battery supports hundreds of measurements on a single charge, making it easy to use at anytime.


  • C02 continuous boost measurement method, constant pressure increase, rapid deflation, significantly improved measurement accuracy and comfort.
  • Large-capacity lithium battery can be used up to 300 times in one charge.
  • Unique cuff storage design, integrated measurement/reading and cuff storage in one.
  • Convenient and compact design, ease of use.

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