Fudan University, one of China’s top 3 universities, its medical school is also ranked among the top 5 in the ranking of Chinese colleges.

Today I will introduce the masterpiece of Fudan Digital Medical——Excelim-04 Optical Surgical Navigation System launched in cooperation with Heal Force Instruments.

Minimally invasive surgery for brain is not only a basic requirement for neurosurgery, but also a development trend. It can remove surgical lesions and protect normal neurovascular tissue to the greatest extent.

Optical Surgical Navigation System

Disadvantages of Traditional neurosurgery

Traditional neurosurgery can be divided into three major steps:

  • Obtain the lesion information based on the imaging examination;
  • Analyze the lesion combined with the anatomical knowledge;
  • Locate the lesion, design the bone flap and surgical approach.

However, this approach has limitations and may misdiagnose in a sort of way, especially in the face of these two cases which are deep or small brain lesions; the appearance of the diseased tissue is similar to that of normal brain tissue.

Why we have high accuracy

Excelim-04 Optical Surgical Navigation System combines stereoscopic techniques and intraoperative ultrasound system, which greatly improves the problems above.

Stereoscopic techniques began in the early twentieth century. It has the advantages of high accuracy and good repeatability. It can be used for intraoperative positioning and orientation. However, the frame-type stereotactic device is cumbersome and the operation procedures are laborious and time-consuming, which affects the operation and increases the risk of operation exposure. What’s more, the anatomical structure and lesions during the operation cannot be fed back to the surgeon at any time.

Therefore, we introduced intraoperative ultrasound technology to improve the convenience of locating the lesions in the brain. Although the image resolution of ultrasound technology is low, the probe cannot be placed in the deep tumor remnant cavity, and it is difficult to obtain the accurate limit and range of tumor resection. The combination of stereo imaging technology makes the minimally invasive surgery clearer.

Technical Advantages

Not only that, Excelim-04 Optical Surgical Navigation System has the following technical advantages:

  • Accurate and reliable navigation system
  • Multiple technologies guarantee surgical precision (for correction of brain deformation)
  • Accurate and diverse imaging technology to reconstruct lesion structure
  • Simple and clear software operation interface
  • Accurate, reasonable and convenient surgical plan formulation
  • Convenient register and fast match
  • Integrated digital operating room based on Excelim-04 Optical Surgical Navigation System

Clinical Significance

After introducing the technology in general, let’s take a look at the clinical significance of surgical navigation:

  • Optimized surgical approach
  • Accurate lesion positioning
  • Improve the rate of lesion resection
  • Real-time tracking of surgical progress
  • Avoid the main nerve function structure

Our ultimate goal is increase the success rate of surgery and reduce the risk of surgical complications!

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