Recently, the largest Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory—— Dongfeng Laboratory built at Great Xi’an Medical Testing Centre which belongs to Shanxi Province put into trial operation, and the number of nucleic acid tests for Cortona Virus Disease 2019 completed on the first day was nearly 50000.

In such a demanding level, Dongfeng Laboratory chose the biological safety cabinet produced by Heal Force. Not only Dongfeng Laboratory, China’s Leishenshan hospital, Huoshenshan Hospital, Uzbek National Laboratory, and other authoritative organizations have also chosen the Heal Force biological safety cabinet.

Heal Force has always been committed to producing high-quality laboratory equipment. Heal Force biological safety cabinet has passed ISO9001, IS013485, CFDA, CE, NSF49 and EN12469 certification, and is one of the main drafting and revision units of China’s biological safety cabinet YY0569-2005/2011.

Shocking! Big Difference among P1, P2, P3, P4 Biosafety Laboratories

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