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The medical suspension bridge pendant and ceiling pendant are mostly used in the ICU ward of the hospital. It is an essential medical rescue auxiliary equipment in the modern intensive care unit. It is mainly composed of a bridge, a dry area and a wet area, forming a reasonable dry and wet separation structure. According to the needs of users, Provide lighting solutions for clinical application. Heal Force Medical Bridge Pendant fully absorbs advanced design concepts at home and abroad, not only to provide good service for patients, but also to provide a better working environment for medical staff.

Heal Force Medical Ceiling Pendant Product Series

  • The bridge body adopts a circular arc design, which can improve the cleanliness of the space in the ward.
  • The beam of the bridge body can be selected to pass through according to the needs to save space.
  • The dry and wet areas are equipped with trays that can be raised and lowered, and various common gas terminals, strong and weak current, and network input terminals are arranged on the tower body that can be reached by medical staff.
  • The wet area box is designed with embedded guide rails, which can be flexibly configured with various accessories.

At the same time, Heal Force fully considers the needs of users and launches the Heal Force modular multi-functional medical pendant to bring you a brand-new use experience.

The new bridge body helps efficient management

The bridge body of the new modular ceiling pendant has a more elegant and beautiful design. The previous way of rail clips is updated to the design of internal I-shaped slide rails, which effectively improves the problem of dust accumulation on the slide rails, improves the cleanliness of the department, and is conducive to the management of infection control in the hospital.

Modular terminals create personalized customization

The installation method of modular terminals replaces the disadvantages of traditional terminal installation, making the replacement between different terminals more flexible and convenient. It can avoid the interference of the arrangement of specific air ports when changing or placing different medical equipments in clinical practice, and can also solve the difficulty of temporarily adding air ports.

The modular structure design also provides convenience for subsequent hospitals to make full use of the ceiling pendants in fixed places, such as quickly changing the general outpatient daytime emergency operating room into a laparoscopic operating room or examination room. Such a change not only saves the cost of equipment investment in the early stage, but also facilitates rapid transformation without affecting the operation of the department.

Newly upgraded accessories, more portable to use

The drawer adopts a horse-riding drawer track and a new damping structure, which is silent, smoother and more stable when pushing and pulling, and has a larger opening and closing degree, which is convenient for taking things.

Heal Force medical pendant series is constantly innovating and has the advantages of excellent design, precision manufacturing, safety and reliability, and high standardization, and has obtained a number of certifications. Heal Force has been focusing on the medical and health field for more than 30 years. Heal Force can provide reasonable equipment combination solutions according to different operating rooms and wards use environment, so as to save use space for customers scientifically, and help improve the efficiency and safety of operating rooms and daily wards nursing work.

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