The term “jaundice” refers to the yellowish color of the skin (or whites of the eyes) seen in many newborns. It occurs when a baby has a high level of bilirubin in the blood.


Ms. Li has her deepest concern: Why does my baby’s skin look yellow?

Dr. Hill: Well, that’s the symptom of jaundice in the newborns.

Ms. Li: How do we treat it?

Dr. Hill: Pathological jaundice has several clinical features:

The jaundice appears early It develops too fastServerely out of balance It fades too late or recurs
Common in: neonatal hemolytic disease, neonatal sepsis, breast milk jaundice, neonatal hepatitis syndrome, congenital biliary atresia, and other infections.
Nuclear jaundice: Serum bilirubin>342μmol/L. The occurrence of nuclear jaundice is related to gestational age, hypoxia, acidosis, hypoglycemia and medication.

Nuclear jaundice: Serum bilirubin>342μmol/L. The occurrence of nuclear jaundice is related to gestational age, hypoxia, acidosis, hypoglycemia and medication.

Ms. Li: How to solve these problems?

Dr. Hill: A neonatal jaundice treatment device will help.

Ms.Li: Will my baby catch cold or be affected by noise?

Dr. Hill: Let infant warmer ease your trouble!

Ms.Li: Is there a combined version of the two?

Dr. Hill: We’ve grandly launched our 8502 series of Infant warmer With Phototherapy Unit under the perinatal product line that completely satisfies your need to treat jaundice and keep your baby warm!

Tips: Be careful when basking in the sunshine

■ Expose your baby to the sun through the glass window when getting plenty of sunshine so that you can fully expose baby’s skin and receive more sunlight. And take care not to catch cold;

■ pay attention to the protection of the eyes and perineum;

■ It is advisable to have half-an-hour sunbathing in the morning and afternoon. Pay attention to changing the position to avoid sunburn.

Neonatal Jaundice Solution

The 8502 series phototherapy incubator is equipped with constant temperature and safe heating equipment to simulate the uterine environment to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity and performs “bird’s nest” care. At the same time, it has a fanless ultra-thin headlight blue light treatment device to ensure uniform light and prevent excessive phototherapy, effectively treating neonatal jaundice in a comfortable environment.
Previous single-sided blue light therapeutic plan: Neonatal blue light therapeutic version of the baby incubatorTreatment disadvantages: poor yellowing effect
Treatment results: ① Long treatment time
②Low bed turnover rate
Today’s 8502 series will not have such problems above. Our application is suitable for newborns and premature babies who need quick yellowing, frequent care and humidity requirements.
We are committed to giving the best care and treatment to newborn babies!

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