real-time polymerase chain reaction (real-time PCR) is a laboratory technique of molecular biology based on the polymerase chain reaction(PCR). It has become one of the indispensable detection means in the field of molecular biology with the advantages of high sensitivity, specificity, rapidity and simplicity.

However, the current fluorescence quantitative PCR in conventional laboratories have very limited application scenarios due to their large size and strong dependence on power supply. With the increasing demand for instant detection in the field, Heal Force will soon launch a portable fluorescence quantitative PCR — X320, which has the advantages of being vehicle-accessible and easy to carry. It can be adapted to diverse and complex use environments

Heal Force X320

Product Features of PCR-X320

01 More application scenarios of real-time PCR

The Heal Force X320 fluorescence quantitative PCR is simple and light, with a sample throughput of 32 wells, comes with a tablet PC and Wi-Fi function. It can also be connected to a computer. So the use of the instrument is not limited by the scenarios. It can be applied in food and agriculture testing, consumer genomics, environmental microbiology, genetic research, forensic science, phylogenetics, commodity inspection, disaster/epidemic prevention and other instant detection, as well as Simple scientific research scenarios.

Wide range of usage scenarios

02 Excellent temperature control performance

Excellent temperature control is the key element to ensure successful experiments and accurate results. X320 adopts imported semiconductors combined with efficient Peltier temperature control technology with a temperature control range of 4-100 °C to ensure the accuracy and uniformity while reaching a greater temperature ramp rate of up to 6 °C/s, effectively reducing experimental time as well as the generation of non-specific amplification.

Typical Peltier module system construction

03 Dual-channel detection capability

As a portable fluorescent quantitative PCR, X320 has dual-channel detection capability, which is compatible with some common fluorescent dyes on the market, such as FAM/SYBR, VIC/HEX/JOE/TET, etc. It can detect 2 target genes in the same reaction tube simultaneously. The X320 has been validated to accept a minimum reaction volume of 10 μl, enabling more efficient use of precious samples while saving reagent costs.

04 New optical path design

The X320 fluorescence quantitative PCR is equipped with a high-performance optical system that uses ultra-high brightness monochrome LEDs as the light source, which requires no preheating for power-on, which will save more energy and extend service life. The fluorescence acquisition device uses a high-sensitivity cooled scientific-grade CCD camera with low background noise, which can collect fluorescence signals of all samples at the same time, avoiding data discrepancies between samples due to unsynchronized signal acquisition. 32 groups of equal-length dual fibre optic light guide design, without correction, can effectively avoid optical path edge effect and cross interference.

05 Software analysis function

X320 fluorescence quantitative PCR analysis software supports common analysis applications, including qualitative analysis, absolute/relative quantification, melting curve, etc. According to different experimental purposes, the corresponding fluorescent PCR reagents can be selected to achieve many applications in the fields of qualitative/quantitative pathogen detection, drug efficacy evaluation, genetic disease screening, gene expression level research, food safety, genetically modified animal and plant testing, epidemic prevention and control, etc.

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