For this special group of newborns, the body is not fully developed, and the physiological signs of newborns such as blood pressure and ECG are quite different from adults. If you use traditional monitors and cuffs to measure for children, it is very Inaccurate or undetectable values are prone to occur, and it is impossible to accurately collect, monitor, and manage neonatal clinical data. More professional neonatal monitors are needed to ensure the life support of high-risk neonates.

Difficulties in neonatal monitoring?

  • Neonatal use an adult monitor to measure blood pressure. Most of the time, the data is not accurate, and due to the high pressure of the adult blood pressure cuff, it is very easy to hurt the baby.
  • The newborn’s arm is small, and it is extremely difficult to measure with the conventional method of a stethoscope. Therefore, we must use electronic measurement or invasive measurement to perform differential measurement on the newborn.
  • Due to the low blood pressure and weak blood perfusion of the newborn, the blood oxygen is not easy to measure, and the blood oxygen is one of the important values of the newborn’s vital signs.

The Apollo N1-A neonatal monitor uses the “respiration measurement algorithm” with independent intellectual property rights, and cooperates with the “asphyxia self-rescue module” to make newborn breathing detection no longer difficult.

Aiming at the problem that it is difficult to accurately measure neonatal blood oxygen under the condition of body movement and hypoperfusion, our team used the industry gold standard: the American Masimo SET blood oxygen module and used accurate values as the benchmark with different types of blood oxygen probes to solve. The key measurement problem at the moment.

Not only the American Masimo SET blood oxygen module stands out, but the American SunTech blood pressure module is also used in the Heal Force neonatal monitor. The industry-leading SunTech blood pressure module gives newborns more comprehensive monitoring and measurement. With different types of blood pressure cuffs, it truly achieves all-round and accurate measurement.

Faced with the monitoring needs of newborns, the Apollo N1-A special newborn monitor launched by Li Kang has brought numerous benefits to newborns, and it has also helped clinicians and nurses work.

For a long time, we have taken customer satisfaction as the starting point and end point, taking seriously understanding customer needs, paying attention to customer feelings and satisfaction, and providing quality services in all directions. We always insist on continuous innovation and technological innovation to provide you with a more comprehensive and reliable neonatal monitor!

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