With the development of medical technology and the increasing clinical demand, vital sign monitors and related patient monitors are used widely in general nursing wards and other medical facilities.

The fully functional multi-parameter monitor can simultaneously monitor a variety of important vital signs to help doctor quickly grasp patient’s health status.

Heal Force PC-9000B

Multi-parameter Monitor

Heal Force PC-9000B multi-parameter monitor measures various body values such as ECG, SPO2, blood pressure, pulse rate, etc. It is suitable for general nursing wards, major medical clinics/hospitals and other application scenarios, providing users with highly efficient, convenient care management system.

It adopts a visualized screen to clearly display patient’s status; it has functions such as sound alarms settings, manual measurement and analysis, ECG waveform freezing, etc. which are suitable for bedside monitoring in general wards, major clinics and hospital.

Six Vital Signs Monitoring

Powerful Data Storage Function & Historical Measurement Data at a Glance

Accurate Measurement of ECG Trend Recording

Simple Operation with Smart Control Button, One-key for Quick Start

A Variety of Accessories to Choose From for a Wide Range of Comprehensive Care

With the increasing needs of multi-parameter monitors and other related products around the world, as a focus on the field of medical devices for more than 30 years of professional manufacturer – Heal Force, has always been committed to product innovation and technology research and development to improve patient monitoring and management, in order to meet the continuous progress of clinical and product application needs world wide. Contact us today for more information!

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