What is Pulse Oximeter?

In the neonatal intensive care (NICU) ward, with the help of this instrument for premature babies, doctors can learn the vital signs of each patient in real-time. In many cases, because it provides warning signs, patients can get timely treatment. So pulse oximeters are indispensable supplements to medical instruments. In the past, doctors observed the four major vital signs of the human body: pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and respiration, and blood oxygen index was the fifth vital sign.

Why Babies need Pulse Oximeter

There was a child who was 10 days old, and he went to the junior clinic many times because of crying and blue skin. However, no problem was found.

Human gas exchange process diagram illustration

So his parents had to send him to hospital and did a preliminary examination and used a pulse oximeter. It was found that the child’s blood oxygen saturation was continuously lower than 95%. At its lowest, it was only 90%. Further examination was carried out immediately and it was found that the child had transposition of the great arteries——a congenital heart disease. Due to the timely discovery, the child received the most immovable treatment. If it is not detected in time, it may be life-threatening. This disease is often caused by abnormal development in the first eight weeks of pregnancy. The two main blood vessels leaving the heart are in the wrong direction. The blood that has absorbed oxygen in the lungs is not pushed to all parts of the body but returns to the lungs.

Under normal circumstances, a baby’s heart defect is found during a scan at the 20th week of pregnancy or during a physical examination after the baby is born. For example, if the baby has a heart murmur or weak pulse, it may indicate heart disease. But there will still be babies that will slip through the net, and a scan at 20 weeks of pregnancy can detect up to half of the cases.

There are many such examples. For example, infant respiratory syncytial virus infection can also cause a critical condition of hypoxia. With pulse oximeters continuous blood oxygen monitoring, problems can be found in time and targeted treatment can be carried out.

What Can We Do for You

Fortunately, with the development of technology, pulse oximeters have entered the homes of ordinary people. Aiming at the characteristics of the baby’s active and sensitive skin, Heal Force specially introduced.

Designed for infants and young children, equipped with a special sponge blood oxygen probe, will not cause pressure on the baby’s skin, can be used with confidence. Get accurate results easily.

Simplify the measurement steps and reduce the maintenance rate. Even if the child moves, it can accurately and stably detect the blood oxygen value.

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