When they learned that they were just pregnant, the mothers were full of joy. When they heard the baby’s fetal heart rate for the first time in the hospital at 12 weeks, they almost burst into tears.

However, during the entire pregnancy, the interval between each check-up is long, and for pregnant mothers, it is inevitable to be uneasy. In order to investigate the baby’s stomach, worry about whether the baby is hypoxia. This is the reason why many mothers buy fetal doppler.

The principle of fetal heartbeat is to listen to the fetal heartbeat through sound waves, and sound waves are a kind of physical factor, a kind of energy, and there is a problem of a safe dose.

Whether ultrasound is harmful or harmless to the human body or the fetus, the key lies in the ultrasound dose, also called the threshold safe dose. Many fetal heart rate monitors that do not reach the level of fetal heart rate monitoring are more like entertainment tools.

Therefore, when choosing a fetal doppler, you must choose a product with a certificate.

Today, this fetal doppler brand recommended to everyone is from Heal Force.

Heal Force is a comprehensive professional medical device company integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales.

The fetal doppler produced by Heal Force has a complete set of three certificates. All product information can be found at the State Food and Drug Administration.

Heal Force has also passed the German ISO13485 quality system certification and has been sold in the European and American markets for more than ten years and has a good reputation.

Among them is a fetal favorite, which is more suitable for novice mothers. It is Heal Force FD-100A.

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