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Virus Nucleic Acid Test

Four fluorescence channels; 96-well high-throughput block; Exclusive dual-optical path design without interference; Accurate and reliable result; Long-life LED light source; Industrial-grade cooled CCD camera for synchronous signal acquisition; Fast heating and cooling ramp rate; Built-in WIFI module for remote operation.

Sample/reagents storage

Kits and Reagents

Complete certifications and qualifications; Multiple target gene detection; Internal reference monitoring to avoid false negatives; 
Accurate results verified by authoritative institutions

Sample / reagent preparation

Plastic mold made, small size and lightweight; Quick snap-on consumables replacement design; PE material multi-functional water tank; Point-of-use mobile water dispenser; Unique purification column for TOC control ; TOC Online monitoring; Patented cost-effective EDI module.

Maximum speed: 13800 rpm; Maximum capacity 16*5ml;24 * 1.5ml standard fixed angle rotor, knob-type parameter setting; Colored large screen multi-parameter display; Airtight sterilizable biological safety protection rotor; Automatic rotor recognition; Fast pre-cooling function-from room temperature 25 ℃ to 4 ℃  ≤ 8 minutes; Real time parameter modification; Dual countdown mode<

Maximum sample volume: 1000ul, maximum number of samples: 32 detection /batch, operation time: 30-50min / batch, program editing, U disk import and export function, colored touch screen, Adjustable heating function, UV light sterilization with timing switch.

Bio-safety Protection

CFDA / NSF49 / EN12469-GS certification; Innovative single fan self-induced airflow speed control technology; Leading multiple micro airflow speed sensors for real-time monitoring and linkage control technology with blower; Patented filter life bar code indicator; Low-speed energy-saving operation mode.

Dual micro airflow sensors for real-time monitoring; Filter life bar code indicator;&nbsp; Fluorescent lamp/UV lamp/glass/door/ blower linkage safety interlock;&nbsp; UV lamp reservation function; Glass door lock for easier laboratory management.

Protection Mask

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