Infrared Ear Thermometer

Body temperature is a basic physiological indicator of the human body and one of the important basis for clinical disease diagnosis; Especially for the prevention and control of large-scale epidemics such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), avian influenza and the recent new coronavirus-infected pneumonia, infrared thermometer, rapid and accurate measurement of body temperature has become a necessary means.

Normal Body Temperature Range

Generally, the main parts for measuring body temperature are: forehead, cochlea, oral cavity, armpit, and anus. The temperature of these parts is close to the actual temperature of the human body, but there are some differences in the measured temperature of different parts. In terms of accuracy, oral and anal temperature measurement is better than axillary and cochlear temperature measurement, followed by forehead temperature measurement.

Generally speaking, human body temperature will be constant at about 37℃ (98.6℉), but 37℃ (98.6℉) is only an approximate figure of body temperature. There are differences in body temperature in various parts of the human body, daily morning and evening, and between men and women.
Normal oral cavity temperature is 36.3℃~37.2℃ (97.3℉~98.9℉), the axillary temperature is 0.3℃~0.6℃ (32.5℉~33.1℉) lower than oral temperature, and the rectal temperature is 0.3℃~0.5℃ (32.5℉~32.9℉) higher than the oral temperature. Body temperature is lowest at 2-5 am and highest at 5-7 am in the day. In addition, women’s body temperature is generally about 0.3 ℃ (32.5℉) higher than men’s, and women’s body temperature also changes slightly during menstruation.

Body Temperature Measuring Equipment

Body temperature measuring equipment can be divided into two categories: contact thermometers and non-contact thermometers. As the name suggests, the biggest difference between the two is whether it is needed to contact human skin to measure.

Although the contact thermometer is superior to the non-contact thermometer in terms of temperature accuracy, the non-contact thermometer has the following obvious advantages:

  1. No contact with the subject, which will not cause unnecessary infection when measuring body temperature;
  2. The temperature measurement is fast, usually, the measurement time is less than one second, and generally does not exceed two seconds, so it is very suitable for temperature measurement during epidemic prevention and control.

Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact thermometer is also called infrared thermometer. The human body’s heat is radiated to the environment in the form of heat radiation. The human body infrared thermometer detects the human body’s thermal radiation through a built-in sensor and combines a large number of experimental data to calculate the actual temperature of the human body through a certain mathematical model, thereby achieving the purpose of measuring body temperature.

Infrared thermometers commonly used today can be roughly divided into three categories: infrared ear thermometers, infrared forehead thermometers, and infrared screening instruments.

  • Infrared screening instrument: It is widely used in the entrances and exits of airports and railway stations, and can be used for large-scale long-range monitoring of dense crowds, in conjunction with video surveillance; therefore, it can quickly find and track people with higher body temperature.
Temperature measurement in Shanghai railway station
  • Infrared ear thermometer: It measures body temperature by measuring the infrared radiation exchanged between the eardrum and the ear canal and the detector. When measuring, the probe needs to be measured in the ear hole. When used by multiple people, they should be equipped with hygienic earmuffs to avoid cross infection and suitable for hospital and home health care.
Measure baby's temperature with infrared thermometer
Measuring baby’s temperature with an infrared ear thermometer
  • Infrared forehead thermometer: It measures the surface temperature of the human body by measuring the exchange of infrared radiation between the skin and the detector, and correcting the emissivity of the skin, which is suitable for sequential and rapid temperature screening of personnel. The measurement site can be the body’s forehead, behind the ear or neck. When using, point the temperature gun directly at the measurement site. The recommended measurement distance is between 3 cm and 5 cm.
Infrared forehead thermometer most commonly used in subway stations

Heal Force Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Ear Thermometer ET-100D

infrared thermometer

The measurement site is in the ear, which is a relatively closed space, so it has better accuracy. Each unit is equipped with several disposable earuffs, placed on the device’s temperature sensor, to avoid cross infection, hygienic and convenient.


The ambient temperature of the infrared ear thermometer is 16~35℃ (60.8℉~95℉). If the ambient temperature is too low, it may not start normally.

The temperature measurement mode is generally the “body temperature” mode, but many ear thermometers now have different measurement modes for different age groups. You need to confirm the age group of the subject and then select the appropriate mode before measuring.

When measuring, you can pull the earlobe to make the ear canal as straight as possible to ensure that the lens can observe the eardrum. Then insert the temperature measurement head into the ear canal and press the temperature measurement key for about a second. You can read when the prompt sounds.

If it is used for body temperature screening, an infrared ear thermometer with disposable earmuffs must be selected to reduce the possibility of cross-infection. After use, wipe the body with alcohol cotton and pay attention to wearing gloves when measuring.

An infrared thermometer can only be used as a preliminary screening for abnormal body temperature. When abnormal body temperature is found, the axillary measurement of mercury thermometer or electronic thermometer should be the ultimate basis for diagnosis.

We also have non-contact forehead thermometers.

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