The FXQ4H Infant Radiant Warmer is dedicated to the development of baby caring and pediatric treatment. As an important instrument in the operating room, it is widely used in the emergency rescue of neonates, such as neonatal asphyxia. The rescue bed specially developed for newborns can create a suitable rescue environment, reduce potential safety hazards, and win time for rescue of dystocia, thereby reducing the risk coefficient of newborns in the operating room.

Infant Radiant Warmer

Neonatal Asphyxia

Neonatal asphyxia is due to various causes antepartum, during or after childbirth, which causes fetal hypoxia and intrauterine distress, or respiratory and circulatory disorders during delivery, resulting in involuntary breathing or failure to establish within 1 minute after birth breathing regularly, with hypoxemia, hypercapnia, and acidosis as the main pathophysiological changes.

Infant Radiant Warmer

Infant Radiant Warmer Routine Requirements

Rescue Environment Suitable for Newborns

In addition, the FXQ4H most advanced infant warmer is equipped with a blue top and bottom blue light treatment devices. It can also effectively and promptly handle low-weight children who need to quickly turn yellow and require frequent care and rescue. The appearance of the streamlined base bracket does not affect the position during the clinical rescue and brings a new clinical experience to medical staff. The unique software safety guarantee system prevents neonates from overheating, and is truly safe, easy to use, and stable, and strives to ensure the safety of every child’s life.

The FXQ4H Radiant Neonatal Rescue Station
The FXQ4H Infant Radiant Warmer

Features of the Infant Radiant Warmer

Safe and Stable

  • Silicon carbide heating material, far infrared heating does not harm the child’s retina
  • Dual-channel dual-sensor and analog software protection, triple security guarantee
  • The first domestic company to pass the 0709 standard, sound and light three-level alarm
  • Manual mode and skin temperature mode(When using manual mode, prompt every 5min. When efficiency is greater than 50%, it is automatically reduced to 50%. When the skin temperature mode is used, if the skin temperature sensor is not placed on the surface of the newborn’s body or within the radiation range, the device automatically judges, and automatically reduces it to 30-40% after 4 minutes)

Easy to use

  • Streamlined ABS heating head design, easy to turn, beautiful and elegant
  • X streamlined chassis design, beautiful lines, easy to clean
  • Lockable gas spring bed tilt mechanism, easy tilt positioning
  • Standard negative pressure suction device, standard oxygen cylinder bracket, standard machine lifting
  • Device for treating blue jaundice with upper and lower sides
  • Double tray, baby infusion stand
  • Equipped with X-ray film box

Beautiful and practical

  • Unique trinity 48-factory quality inspection system
  • Strict procurement of electrical components
  • APGAR score timing display

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