Infant nursing

Once premature babies leave the mother’s uterine environment, noise, light, etc. will adversely affect them and increase the risk of infection.
Whether healthy or not, they are beginning to the world that they have never met before and is completely strange to them, so they need our careful care.
That’s why infant nursing is so important.
With the goal of improving long-term quality of life, Heal Force provides “Developmental Nursing Solutions for Premature Infants”, that is, the NICU clinical information management system is used to manage the comprehensive information of newborn babies.

Heal Force uses a combination of special equipment for neonates, such as infant incubators, newborn rescue tables, neonatal monitors, and neonatal ceiling towers in order to give less audible and visual stimuli, mobile touch and comfortable borders to premature babies, and create a suitable micro-environment for premature babies and effectively improve the survival rate of premature babies.

Infant Nursing, Newborn Baby

In the nursing process, Heal Force considers the differences of individuals, focuses on humanized care, and pays attention to the impact of the environment and family on the growth and development of infant nursing.

Developmental Infant Nursing Solutions

Solution Role

  • Keeping vital signs stable
  • Increasing the speed of weight gain
  • Making oral feeding start early
  • Improving digestion and reducing gastric residue and reflux
  • Ensuring coordinated physical activity in preterm infants
  • Improving treatment and reducing hospitalization days

Related Products

Infant Incubator — YXK-2000GA

Heal Force baby incubator creates a suitable micro-environment.

The uniform temperature in the cabinet effectively improves the survival rate of the newborn.

With a triple safety guarantee, it is safer and more reliable.

  • All aluminum channel steel middlebox;
  • X streamlined chassis;
  • 15° reclining step-less adjustable baby bed;
  • Computer-controlled cabinet temperature, servo-controlled skin temperature — Displayed separately;
  • Temperature and humidity settings — Displayed separately;
  • Dual channels, dual sensors and analog system protection;
  • Unique alarm function — Multiple fault triggers
  • High-temperature mode (> 37 ℃);
  • RS-232 interface;
  • Optional blue light for neonatal jaundice treatment.

Blue Light Therapy MachineGLQ-1L (Floor-standing)

The newborns with hyperbilirubinemia all need the best care for treating jaundice.

Our line of phototherapy products supplies reliability and stability intensive phototherapy by LED light for newborn babies.

GLQ-1L provides long-life light therapy over 20,000 hours.

  • Fanless ultra-thin headlight panel;
  • 0-99% light intensity, steplessly adjustable;
  • Clustering controller with adjustable angle;
  • Compatible for multiple models of warmers and warmers;

Blue Light Therapy MachineGLQ-3L (Ceiling)

Large lightbox guarantees uniform illumination on the bed;

Lightweight and fashionable, easy to move;

The Multi-point LED light source guarantees no harm to the newborn’s eyes.

  • Four suction cup holders;
  • Timing and time calculation available;
  • Can be placed in the incubator hood;
  • Compatible for multiple models of warmers and warmers;

Our “Developmental Nursing Solutions for Premature Infants” not only uses safe and stable heating equipment to maintain the uniformity of locations and equipment as much as possible but also uses a blue light therapy device that can adjust the intensity without sacrificing the microenvironment to avoid secondary injuries.

Newborn babies in a country, and even the world, are our biggest concern. When they first arrived in the world, some of them could not fully feel the beauty and wonderfulness of the world in the first place because of their little inherent deficiencies. We have the responsibility to ensure that they grow up healthy to be connected with this marvelous world.

Heal Force advocates developmental infant nursing solutions to solve problems such as pain, jaundice, sound and light injury, and easy infection for the NICU department.

While nursing the newborns, monitoring of various health indicators is also very important. So here’s some products that can be used for newborn health monitoring recommended by Heal Force:
· Pulse Oximeter (Device, Application)

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