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Effects of temperature and humidity control of Infant Incubators on newborns.

The ambient temperature of the newborn after birth is lower than the temperature in the mother’s womb, so the body temperature of the newborn drops significantly after birth. It can be lowered by 2.5°C within one hour. If the ambient temperature is moderate, the body temperature of the newborn can gradually rise to 36°C-37°C. This suitable ambient temperature is called neutral temperature.

In this ambient temperature, the entire metabolic rate of the human body is also in the lowest state, with less consumption and high comfort. For the neutral environment of newborns, the temperature varies with body weight and age. In the first 24 hours of birth, the neutral temperature of newborns is 32 to 33 °C, and that of premature immature babies is 33 to 36 °C. When it grows to four to seven days, the neutral temperature of full-term infants reaches 31-32°C, and that of immature infants drops to 32-34°C. The smaller the gestational age, the higher the neutral temperature required for the smaller baby.

If the ambient temperature of the newborn is below neutral, the child’s metabolic rate increases. Nutrients fed to children are not fully utilized. Therefore, how to keep the ambient temperature of the newborn at a neutral temperature is the key.

Infant incubators, as a device that creates an environment similar to the mother’s womb, can provide a special place for newborns to receive treatment and care.

As can be seen from the list below, the control range of the infant incubator for ambient temperature and humidity varies in different time periods after the birth of the newborn. ↓

Incubator temperature and humidity for ultra-low birth weight infants

Incubator temperature and humidity for ultra-low birth weight infants

Incubator temperature and humidity for infants with different birth weights

1.0≤10 days>10 days>3 weeks>5 weeks55%—65%
1.5≤10 days>10 days>4 weeks55%—65%
2.0≤2 days>2 days>3 weeks55%—65%
>2.5≤2 days>2 days55%—65%
Incubator temperature and humidity for infants with different birth weights

In order to achieve accurate temperature control effect, modern infant incubators have box temperature mode and skin temperature mode to meet the needs of medical staff for various temperature control modes of the incubator. And it has the function of humidity control. Newborns, especially premature infants, have high requirements for environmental temperature, especially humidity. The younger the gestational age, the higher the incidence of non-dominant dehydration. Humidity control can better ensure that premature infants are in a suitable humidity environment and reduce non-overt water loss in premature infants.

A high-quality incubator must control the temperature, heat up quickly, and keep moisturizing. The accuracy of temperature control should be 1 degree, and the humidity change should be evaluated at 10%. Since the temperature change is within 0.3 degrees after adopting warm measures for premature infants, this requires the sensor accuracy of the incubator, the skin temperature should reach 0.3 ℃, and the box temperature should reach within 1 ℃. At the same time, the humidity control accuracy should be 10%. In this way, it is convenient for medical staff to adjust the temperature and humidity of the incubator according to different stages, so as to achieve an accurate somatosensory neutral temperature.

A number of studies have shown that under different temperature and humidity environments, there are statistically significant differences in the number of days that premature infants are maintained in the incubator, the rate of physiological weight loss, the time to return to birth weight, and the average daily weight gain during hospitalization. It shows that during the maintenance period, the fine control and monitoring of temperature and humidity are directly related to the treatment effect on children.

Heal Force YXK-2000G Infant Incubator——Empowering Newborn Babies

Infant Incubator
  • Double-layer constant temperature cover to ensure constant temperature in the box and better isolate external sound
  • Three-level sound and light prompt alarm system, in line with YY 0709-2009 national medical electrical equipment alarm system standard
  • With humidity display and control function: Humidity control accuracy: ±10%RH
  • Crib tilt angle: ±12° smooth and infinitely adjustable
  • The X-shaped streamlined chassis is adopted, and the medical and nursing operation lines are smooth.

Many advantages of Heal Force YXK-2000G Infant Incubator help baby grow up healthily

High stability: The Trinity quality factory inspection system ensures the stability of the key functional parameters of the infant incubator.

Accurate control: Under the constant temperature state, the fluctuation is within 0.5°C, and the temperature uniformity of the bed surface is within 0.6°C, providing a more suitable microenvironment for infants. stability and stability.

Sound and light grading alarm: The alarm sound is an innovative chord sound, which does not stimulate the baby’s hearing. It has passed the national mandatory standard, and there are sound and light alarms for over-temperature, deviation, circulation, sensor, power failure and other faults.

The double-walled design of YXK-2000G controls the temperature and humidity in the incubator and at the same time isolates external sounds, which conforms to the concept of developmental care for premature infants, and also provides a more similar maternal uterus environment for premature infants. Improve the cure rate. Sound and light grading alarm, but also convenient for medical staff to distinguish between alarms and improve work efficiency. The humanized design adopts the chord tone alarm sound to reduce the stimulation to the newborn.

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