Heal Force in the outbreak of COVID-19

In the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Heal Force, as a company focusing on life sciences, actively responded to the country’s call and distributed biological safety cabinets and other equipment to Huoshenshan Hospital as soon as possible.

▼Heal Force’s biological safety cabinet appeared on coverage of CCTV on March 2.

CCTV’s News Program “Xinwen Lianbo”

Xinwen Lianbo, literally “News Simulcast”, is a daily news program produced by China Central Television (CCTV).

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Huoshenshan Hospital & Leishenshan Hospital

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, 2 hospitals that have recently received much attention in China and abroad are Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital.

Huoshenshan Hospital is a specialized hospital built in Wuhan, on the model of Xiaotangshan Hospital (Beijing) during the fight against SARS in 2003, which focuses on treating patients with severe novel coronavirus pneumonia[COVID-19].

 Huoshenshan Hospital on Construction
Huoshenshan Hospital on Construction

On January 25, 2020, in response to the need to fight the epidemic, the Wuhan Epidemic Prevention Headquarters held a dispatch meeting and decided to build another “Xiaotangshan Hospital”—Leishenshan Hospital, in addition to Huoshenshan Hospital.

Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital
Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital

Both hospitals are expected to be delivered in about a week. On the one hand, it proves that domestic construction enterprises’ design and construction capabilities, technical strength and project execution ability are very good; on the other hand, it also shows the firm view of many industries in fighting new coronaviruses, united struggle, and an overarching outlook.

Hospital specifically designed for infectious diseases

Interior of Huoshenshan Hospital
Interior of Huoshenshan Hospital

As the severity of the epidemic increased, batch after batch of medical supplies, and professional medical teams from all over the country rushed to Wuhan. In combination with a large number of local cabin hospitals being put into use, tens of thousands of reserve beds were released. According to the severity of clinical symptoms, severe, mild and centralized isolation patients were reasonably diverted.

As a hospital dedicated to the treatment of severe patients with infectious pneumonia, the construction of the ICU ward complies with the guidelines for the construction and management of intensive treatment wards in China. In addition, in the design process of Huoshenshan Hospital, there are specific requirements for the layout of medical units and medical facilities:

  • The basic requirements for the layout of infectious disease hospitals are “3 zones and 2 corridors” (The 3 zones refer to clean, semi-polluted, and polluted areas. The 2 corridors refer to the passage of medical staff and patients).
  • “Fishbone building plan”: the central axis includes a cleaning area, an aisle, and a work area; the sides of the central axis are ward units; the semi-contaminated area is between the cleaning area and the ward unit; the ward in the ward unit is a contaminated area.
Fishbone building plan
  • The patient’s passage is outside of each nursing unit, so the patient’s passage and the medical staff’s passage are independent.

Heal Force’s Biological Safety Cabinet

Heal Force’s Biological safety cabinet ranks high among similar products in the industry.
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