Epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed


How to wear a mask in summer, here are some tips:

Although in low-risk areas, such as homes, sports, outdoors, parks, tourist attractions, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, meeting rooms, campuses and other well-ventilated environments, you do not need to wear masks, in high-risk areas, you must wear a mask.

How to make the face “breath free” in hot weather

  • Do skin cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection
  • Choose a regular brand and suitable face mask
  • The inner surface of the mask is easy to get wet, which can increase the frequency of mask replacement and dry the sweat on the face
  • Before wearing a mask for a long time, you can apply emollients to the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and ear roots to keep the skin smooth
  • Wearing a mask for a long time feels uncomfortable, immediately go to a relatively open and safe place to take off the mask and breathe to relieve hypoxia
Dasheng mask

Dasheng mask

  • Complete qualifications, including CFDA, FDA, CE and other certificates
  • N95 protection level, filtering at least 95% of dust particles
  • The head-mounted design fits the face
  • Adjustable nose clip, more comfortable to wear
  • Non-glue, non-toxic and tasteless, more assured to use

Essential Homecare Equipment to Fight Against the Horrible 2019 Pandemic

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