In summer days, for patients with high blood pressure, this is a period of a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and they need to pay more attention to their own blood pressure.

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Many families have home sphygmomanometers, but the way to measure blood pressure may not accurate. The wrong measurement method will cause the blood pressure count value to be inaccurate. It may measure “hypertension” for normal people, or it may measure the wrong value for hypertensive patients, leading to wrong medication instructions. So today I will introduce home electronic blood pressure. The correct “opening method” of the plan.

Precautions for using an electronic sphygmomanometer

Cuff wearing position

The cuff of the electronic sphygmomanometer needs to sense the signal, so do not place the cuff on the elbow joint. The cuff should be fully fitted to the upper arm and must be at a uniform height with the heart. At the same time, the cuff tube should not be suspended in the air and should be placed securely.

Reduce physical activity

Limb activity during measurement will affect the accuracy of blood pressure readings, so you should keep your body as still as possible during measurement, and do not exercise before measuring blood pressure.

Avoid emotional ups and downs

Strong emotional ups and downs will directly affect the measured blood pressure readings, so you should maintain a stable and calm mood before the measurement.

Heal Force Blood Pressure Monitor C02

Summer is far from over. In a muggy environment, our cardiovascular tissues are under greater pressure, which can easily cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Heal Force recommends that everyone should pay attention to replenishing water in time to avoid sudden cold and hot alternates. Patients with hypertension should pay more attention to their own blood pressure and live a healthy life together~

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