Surgical light

Hospital Surgical Light

Advanced, Revolutionary, and Reliable

Tailer to Your Needs

TopLED series surgical light has optimized white LEDs that cover the entire visible colour spectrum required for demanding surgeries.

The unique hollow design of the surgical light enables clean air to reach the surgical field directly, achieving the purification effect of laminar flow.

The surgical light has almost no infrared and ultraviolet spectra, and it remains cool in the surgical field after long time operation.

Streamlined surfaces reduce turbulence and resistance of the light.

The adjustable focus handle controls projection angle of LED light and adjusts facula size and optical focal depth easily. The universal 6-joint spring suspension system ensures accurate positioning without drifting.

TOPSUN series shadowless lights feature ten-level colour temperature adjustment in the range of 3650K-5000K, allowing doctors to select the appropriate colour temperature value during the operation and better distinguish the various tissues and organs of the human body.

1. Exterior Design: Petal-Shaped Appearance

2. Revolutionary LED Lighting Technology: Brilliant Four-Color-Mix Concept; 10-level Color Temperature Adjustment; Ambient Light Mode

3. Intelligent Design: Automatic Shadow Compensation; Wireless Inductive Dimmable; Linkage Control between the Two Lamps

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