High-frequency electrosurgical unit is a medical device that uses the concentrated heat caused by the high-frequency current which works on regional biological tissues to vaporize or burst tissues or tissue components to achieve the purpose of medical operations such as coagulation or cutting.

Moreover, the high-frequency electrosurgical units can shorten the operation time and reduce intraoperative bleeding, which is Good for postoperative recovery. It is replacing the traditional scalpel gradually and is used in various clinical operations widely. This device has been an indispensable and most frequently used tool for modern surgery.

Surging Accident Rate due to Technique or Products?

However, the high-frequency electric knife is a high-power, high-frequency, high-voltage electronic device that directly acts on the human body. Improper operation may cause burns, interfere with cardiac pacing, and even cause burns or explosions.

Most Burns Caused by the Aging of Soft Polar Plates

From 2002 to November 2011, National Adverse Drug Monitoring Center, China, received a total of 316 reports on suspicious medical device adverse events related to high-frequency electrocautery, with 96 cases of patients suffering injuries, accounting for 30.38%. There are mainly skin burns, electric shock, and fire that happened to surgical areas. Statistics show that 70% of the reported high-frequency electrosurgical units burn accidents are caused by the aging of the soft polar plate or failure to connect it.

What are Soft Polar Plates?

The role of the soft pole plate: Disperse the dense current flowing into the human body from the high-frequency electrosurgical units pen to the human body back to the high-frequency electrosurgical units to form a complete circuit. When the contact area of the electrode plate is larger, the current density flowing through the interface between the electrode plate and the human body is smaller, and the current thermal effect is also weaker, which is safer for the patient. On the contrary, the stronger the thermal effect, the higher the temperature rise of the plates, and the greater the possibility of burns.

high-frequency electrocautery

Why Heal Force EB05 electrosurgical units are safer?

Visible for the Contact Surface

To improve this situation, all the high-frequency electrosurgical units of Heal Force EK series provides the indicator area of the contact area of the polar plate, which can display the change of the contact surface between the polar plate and the human body in real-time in a visual way, which is convenient and intuitive.

Once below the three indicator lights, the host immediately cut off the output, sound, and light alarm. Eliminate dangerous situations in time to prevent burns on the polar plates.

high-frequency electrocautery

Correct Application Methods

Electrode burns are common accidents in electrocautery surgery. The high-frequency electrosurgical units users must master the correct application method to prevent accidents.

  • Electrode burns are common accidents in electrocautery surgery. High-frequency electrosurgical units users must master the correct application method to prevent accidents.
  • The polar plate should be placed in a clean, dry, rich muscle (not fat) area without bone protrusion. The lower the impedance, the faster the current returns to the high-frequency electrosurgical units, and the safer it is. Muscle has lower impedance than fat and good conductivity, so the best place to stick is: where the blood is rich, followed by the muscle.
  • Do not use multiple times with disposable soft pole plates.
  • Recommend using two-piece soft polar plates as much as possible, and connecting the electrocautery with the monitoring function of the polar plate contact area, such as Heal Force EB05 high-frequency electrosurgical units. The electrosurgical unit has a loop electrode monitoring system for continuous detection of the contact area between the electrode plate and the patient’s skin, to ensure that the high-frequency electrosurgical units can work only when the electrode plate has sufficient contact area with the patient; once the contact area becomes too small, An alarm can occur and the output can be cut off, which can more effectively reduce the risk of burns on the polar plate compared to a single polar plate.
  • Pays close attention to the change of the contact area between the soft polar plate and the human body in real-time, to prevent the polar plate from being burned due to the too-small contact area of the polar plate.
  • The placement of the neutral electrode should allow metal implants (such as steel nails) to avoid the surgical current channel to prevent burns caused by high-frequency eddy current heating.
  • The neutral electrode should not be placed in a place where the fluid is easily accumulated and wet.

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