Stabilize Your Blood Pressure

In hot summer ,People always can’t help but say that our life depends on air conditioner!

But for those who suffer from high blood pressure , blindly pursuing lower temperature does no good to them when they use air conditioner in summer. The change of external temperature tends to have many uncertain effects on human blood pressure.

Mind your blood pressure in summer

When temperature alternates from high to low, blood pressure fluctuates easily.

When the temperature is high in summer ,the blood vessels will dilate and human blood pressure become relatively low.

If the air conditioner temperature is too low at this time, sudden temperature switch between hot and cold will make the original diastolic blood vessels cool and constrict. Therefore, it is easy to cause a sudden rise in blood pressure.

Suggestion for people with hypertension

Tips for people with high blood pressure in summer:

  • Regulate the temperature of the room

Appropriate temperature helps stabilize blood pressure, but the temperature of the air conditioner should not be too low. The sudden drop in low temperature will cause capillary contraction, which can easily lead to a sudden rise in blood pressure and affect blood pressure stability.

  • Increase drinking water

The increase in blood viscosity increases the risk of cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction. It is recommended that people with hypertension consciously increase drinking water to promote metabolism.

  • Regularly measure blood pressure every day

The key to coping with hypertension is to manage blood pressure and maintain stability. Heal Force recommends that people with high blood pressure should measure their blood pressure several times at a fixed time every day to get accurate data and frequently pay attention to their blood pressure condition to avoid health risks.

Heal Force C02 Blood Pressure Monitor

blood pressure monitor C02

Heal Force C02 electronic blood pressure monitor adopts a comprehensive boost measurement method to obtain more effective pulse waves before and after pressurization, which can accurately measure blood pressure.

The pressure increases at a constant rate during measurement, and the gas is quickly deflated after measurement, which makes the measurement experience more comfortable for parents. The blood pressure monitor uses the integrated design of cuff storage compartment, which has convenient storage and exquisite appearance. A large-capacity lithium battery was chosen in order to support hundreds of blood pressure measurement after one charge, making it easier to use.

C02 continuous boost measurement method

Constant pressure increase during measurement, rapid deflation after measurement

Significantly improve the accuracy and comfort of blood pressure measurement

blood pressure monitor C02

Large-capacity lithium battery

It can be used 300 times on one charge

Worry-free measurement and assuring usage

blood pressure monitor C02

Cuff storage compartment design

Integrate measurement and cuff storage in one

Convenient storage and exquisite appearance


  • Hypertension is a controllable health disease.For most patients, just stick to taking antihypertensive drug correctly, exercise moderately to promote blood circulation.
  • Eat a light diet and regulate your health.Healthy living is by your side.

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