On December 28, the Kosma China-Cambodia Friendship Hospital building project in Cambodia, which was aided by the Chinese government, passed the completion acceptance inspection, adding another landmark project for China-Cambodia friendship.

Help each other, the friendship between China and Cambodia is deep


The local medical level in Cambodia is relatively lagging behind neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, and cannot meet the high-level medical needs. There is an urgent need for a high-level modern public hospital to improve Cambodia’s overall medical level.
The China-Cambodia Friendship Hospital is a people’s livelihood project supported by the Chinese government for free in Cambodia. It is located in the center of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It is a comprehensive hospital with 400 beds, focusing on surgery, including outpatient, emergency, medical technology, hospitalization, and logistics functions. It is also Cambodia’s first general hospital with a modern medical concept of “low energy consumption and high quality” and first-class medical technology, which can provide local people with higher-level medical services.

Great love without borders, assistance across national borders

Medical and health care is an important field in the implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative” strategy, and hospital surgical equipment is an important part of letting the world know China’s medical equipment and technological level.

Supporting the construction of the China-Cambodia Friendship Hospital, Heal Force is responsible for providing integrated medical equipment such as shadowless lights, bridge towers, operating tables, and medical refrigerators for the construction of the hospital’s operating rooms and ICU wards.

In September, after receiving the construction aid instruction,Heal Force chief engineer went to Cambodia, risking the COVID-19 virus epidemic.
After more than three months of fighting, Heal Force chief engineer and his project team overcame the impact of the local epidemic, poor equipment parts purchase channels, difficult living conditions, and inconvenient communication, and successfully completed the installation, commissioning, and acceptance of each equipment.

The Belt and Road Initiative, to build a community with a healthy future for mankind

For many years, Heal Force has actively participated in the “Belt and Road Initiative” cooperation of hygiene and health, and spared no effort to export high-quality medical equipment and services to the whole world. The aid to the construction of the China-Cambodia Friendship Hospital is the second time that Heal Force has helped China’s medical going to the global after participating in the construction of foreign aid hospitals in Angola, Zambia, and Zanzibar in Africa.

The project is completed and the service is not limited. In addition to the construction of the hospital operating room and ICU, the follow-up of after-sales service and the sharing of management experience are equally important. On-site engineers not only undertake installation tasks, but also train and guide local medical staff to operate. They are even hired as experts to participate in the review of hospital construction in neighboring areas and gain a good reputation.

Spread friendship across mountains and seas. As a pioneer and explorer of intelligent and informatized medical equipment in operating rooms, Heal Force will continue to carry forward the spirit of science and technology to serve health, and work together with colleagues from all walks of life to jointly build a “community of destiny” in the field of life and health.

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