With the development of social economy, the improvement of people’s living standards and the acceleration of population aging, the disease pattern of the population has undergone great changes. Chronic disease has become a major public health problem affecting people’s health and socio-economic development.

In the daily health management of residents, the awareness rate of health knowledge, disease management, and control rate of residents can be improved through standardized and effective management of chronic diseases. Therefore, health test cabin products have gradually become popular. Through integrated personal health testing, it can help residents quickly perform physical examinations, facilitate the daily management of chronic diseases, thereby reducing the incidence and recurrence rate of chronic diseases, and delay related complications happened.

Based on multiple platforms such as institutions, communities, and families, Heal Force has launched a series of IoT products for the Healthcare Cabin and is committed to providing integrated and reliable health management solutions for community residents, primary medical care, public health care, and other institutions.

At the same time, the cabin can be connected to the Medibase health cloud platform, which effectively collects various health test data, assists in hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and chronic disease management, and communicates with clinics, medical institutions, and national health information data departments at all levels to open up digital barriers, providing one-stop service from top to bottom for residents’ health management.

  • Design: Simple and integrated, provides free cabin decoration design plan, and high-end physical examination service for residents.
  • Flexible: Customization and expansion of testing items can be made according to requirements.
  • Self-service: The self-service medical examination mode can be turned on, with voice and electronic graphics, to guide residents to complete file creation and physical examination.
  • Large screen display: Large touch screen with a clear display, clear data at a glance, simple to operate.
  • Comprehensive functions: integrate multiple basic health tests such as ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, height, weight, body fat, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, hemoglobin, vital capacity, biochemical analysis, etc.
  • Quick file creation: Built-in ID card reader can quickly create personal files.
  • Health assessment: Integrate statistical data based on inspection results. Conduct chronic disease health assessment and guidance.
  • Cloud service: Health files can be uploaded to the cloud, providing data upload, storage, management, and interface services, realizing real-time monitoring of medical and health institution data.
  • Mobile terminal support: Residents can check the report through the mobile phone applet.
Healthcare Test Cabin

Heal Force Healthcare Cabin allows you to do up to 68 health test data including height, weight, body fat, body temperature, blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, blood oxygen, uric acid, cholesterol, etc., without leaving home. The test report can be issued in ten minutes, saving time, effort and worry, and more importantly, it is safe and convenient.

Applicable places and people

  1. Applicable areas: health centers, community service centers, social health centers and large-scale group inspection enterprises, companies, communities, etc.
  2. Applicable people: people with chronic diseases, disease people, healthy people, sub-healthy people, etc.

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