At present, many people are deeply troubled by “high uric acid“. Data shows that the number of people with high uric acid in China has reached nearly 200 million, and this number is still rising. Uric acid is a product of human metabolism. After people eat various foods, the purines in the food are metabolized in the human body to form uric acid which will be excreted from the body when the body is metabolized, thereby maintaining the body’s acid-base balance in a normal state.

Uric Acid

However, if uric acid cannot be excreted in time and stays in the body, it will cause high uric acid, leading to abnormal symptoms in the body and serious impact on life. If it is not treated in time, it will cause gout and great pain to the body in the later stage.

Young people like crayfish with beer and hot pot that all contain purine substances, while the body’s metabolism of purine substances is limited. Take beer as an example, if you take too much in a short time, the vitamin B1 in beer will increase the decomposition of purine nucleotides, leading to the deposition of urate crystals and increase of blood uric acid content in a short time. The end result is that the burden on the body becomes heavier, which induces gout attacks. It is recommended to keep a testing instrument at home to check the uric acid level frequently to prevent gout and keep track of your physical condition in time.

Heal Force Health Testing Package
One-Station Health Management
ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Blood Sugar, Uric Acid, Cholesterol
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DLB-2 Health Testing Package

Blood Glucose&Uric Acid&Cholesterol Meter|Blood Pressure Meter|Pulse Monitor|ECG Monitor

Multi-function Meter: 3 parameters measurement of blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol

ECG Monitor: 30 seconds handheld measurement, continuous monitoring of ECG waveform

Pulse Oximeter: Real-time Monitoring of SpO2, PR, PI

Blood Pressure Monitor: Systolic and diastolic blood pressure monitoring

Medibase Health Test App

IoT health detection and smart health management platform
Provide diversified health management solutions
Assist in the rapid detection and collection of basic data
Generate test reports and establish health management files
Fast health management services anytime, anywhere
Convenient for chronic disease health management and out-of-hospital control

Kind reminder: Nowadays, youngsters don’t pay enough attention to health management. Some people regard binge eating as a new way to relieve stress, staying up all night and squandering their bodies. They often inadvertently worsen their physical foundation and suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, gout and other illnesses at a young age. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to develop a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water and exercise frequently, and it is recommended to eat more healthy foods with low protein, low fat, low calories and low purine.

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