But can we check whether our body is healthy while we massage and relax? Heal Force Health Massage Sofa–Health-S2 now Comes Out! With health assessment, cloud service, and quick file creation, Heal Force keeps giving you a convenient way to monitor your body. Equipped with a 3D four-wheel intelligent manipulator, 6 massage techniques, 6-speed adjustment, three-stage all-round massage, the full-body health massage sofa includes self-help complete health tests such as blood pressure, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram, body temperature, weight, height, body fat, etc.

The Health-S2 health massage sofa combines health detection functions and audio-visual entertainment functions on the basis of advanced leather massage sofas. The health massage sofa is equipped with a 42-inch high-definition touch screen and high-end fashion choice. The health massage sofa has a variety of massage methods. Users can perform health tests such as blood pressure, blood oxygen, pulse, heart rate, body temperature, etc. while massaging super comfortably. The test results can be uploaded to the Medibase, a cloud health intelligent management platform to generate health test report.

Health Massage Sofa
  • High-definition touch screen: 42-inch high-definition display touch screen, stylish high-end, easy to use
  • High integration: Integrate massage and health detection functions, and perform health data detection and collection anytime and anywhere
  • Voice: support voice interaction with easier operation
  • Professional guarantee: medical-grade equipment testing, more accurate and reliable performance
  • Cloud Service: Support the health cloud service system and effectively assist member management
  • External device: Bluetooth massage component, which can be adjusted and controlled via APP
  • Automatic report generation: expandable chronic disease health management and detection report generation
  • Entertainment: diversified entertainment functions, support for music and video

Great experience for you to get values of your body when you are massaging! Come and have a try!

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