In recent years, China has vigorously developed grassroots health management services. The goal is to basically form a unified and standardized general practitioner training model and a “first consultation at the grassroots” service model by 2020 so that the people can enjoy better grassroots medical and health services.

With the vigorous development of the Internet of Things and cloud diagnosis and treatment technology, the comprehensive service functions of primary medical care are constantly being released, whether it is township hospitals, clinics, and village clinics in counties and rural areas, street hospitals in cities, community health service centres, or corporate health rooms, in the changes brought about by this technology, it will become an important part of public health and health management services. Then, Heal Force Follow-up Box PC-204 comes out!

Follow-up Box

Heal Force Follow-up Box PC-204

Follow-up Box

Heal Force PC-204 public health follow-up box is a diagnosis, treatment and health integrated machine for networked medical treatment launched by Heal Force. It is flexibly configured and has multiple uses. It can be widely used in smart elderly care institutions, smart pharmacies, family doctors, and primary medical care, public health, etc. The medical staff is equipped with a professional follow-up box, which is convenient for regular visits to measure blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG, blood oxygen and other routine physiological parameters, establish health management files, and optionally connect to telemedicine to help achieve “graded diagnosis and treatment”.

Functions of Heal Force Follow-up Box PC-204

  • Portable Design: Portable integrated design, convenient for visits, carry it with you during visits
  • Health Checkup: Integrate multiple health information such as ECG, blood oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, blood sugar, etc.
  • Health Assessment: It has the functions of assessment and education such as physical analysis of traditional Chinese medicine, psychological assessment, sleep assessment, sub-health assessment, chronic disease follow-up, and video education.
  • Expansion Interface: Highly physical integration, with USB, WIFI interconnection capabilities, support for 3G/4G, Bluetooth and other interconnection.
  • Optional equipment: Support for diversified customization of modules, optional testing equipment such as blood lipid meter, lung function meter, portable colour Doppler ultrasound, 12-lead ECG, urine analyzer, etc.
  • Cloud Service: Support offline testing data collection, unified data upload management platform under network environment; health testing, chronic disease follow-up, data analysis and data upload.
  • Extended Services: Functions such as telemedicine services, health consulting management, and family doctor signing can be extended.

Optional Products

  • Blood Glucose Meter: No coding, fast measurement, fine blood glucose detection, more stable data line transmission
  • Three-in-one for Blood Sugar, Uric Acid and Total Cholesterol: A machine with three functions, small and portable, high-definition large screen, micro blood sampling, fast value, Bluetooth data transmission
  • Blood Lipid Meter: It can measure total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglyceride, simple operation, high-definition large screen, Bluetooth data transmission
  • Urine analyzer: High-definition LED-backlit large screen, 12 indicators display, Chinese and English bilingual, international/conventional/symbol system three-unit systems are optional, compatible with other test papers, fast value, Bluetooth data transmission, large capacity rechargeable lithium battery
  • 12-lead ECG Workstation: Small and portable, highly integrated sampling front end, high sampling accuracy and frequency, support Wilson and Frank standard leads, complete case library, twelve-channel synchronous acquisition, Bluetooth data transmission, large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery can work continuously for more than seven hours

Medibase Health Cloud Platform

  • Health Data Management: Remote diagnosis, AI data analysis, user abnormal view, health file management
  • Statistics Management: Health data statistics, user performance appraisal, file building statistics, equipment status statistics
  • Equipment Management: Function maintenance and configuration, remote software upgrade, remote fault debugging, remote equipment self-check
  • Basic Management: Upper-level institution management, medical institution management, user configuration, authority management, and role configuration

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