The pace of life is accelerating, work pressure is increasing, and the physical and mental health of employees in the workplace are issues that every manager cannot ignore. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, more than half of office workers are in a sub-healthy state, suffering from chronic and mental illnesses. The health of employees is an inexhaustible source of the company’s sustainable development. Striving to improve the health of corporate leaders and employees is a prerequisite for ensuring the company’s healthy operation.

The corporate employee health management plan is a management plan tailored by HealForce Medical for the general sub-health status of domestic office workers. It uses hardware equipment to achieve low-threshold autonomous health testing and uses software applications to help employees perform autonomous health management. At the same time, employees can use the “Yuanlian Health” APP to view health test reports at any time, obtain health assessments, dietary exercises and other health guidance opinions, to help employees solve health problems and improve sub-health conditions.

Advantages of Our Solution

The “Enterprise Employee Health Management Plan” takes employees’ physical and mental health and occupational safety and health as the benchmark and relies on the hardware facilities of the health cabin to provide employees with a personalized health management plan and assist in the file management of employees’ health examination files. Formulate health assessment and health management plans, and effectively carry out health education, health guidance and health knowledge publicity for employees.

  1. Reduce the risk of the company to the health of employees
  2. Reduce corporate medical expenses and reduce corporate economic risks
  3. Reduce the negative impact of employees’ occupational diseases and sub-health on work
  4. Improve employee efficiency and loyalty
  5. Build a healthy and harmonious corporate culture system

Heal Force is a professional health testing and data management system tailored for government and enterprise systems and health management institutions-a one-stop health room that supports height, weight, body fat, vision, Chinese medicine body fat, ECG, blood oxygen, and blood pressure, Body temperature, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, haemoglobin, vital capacity, bone density, urinalysis, arteriosclerosis and many other test items, and integrate data management functions.

Software Support for Health Cabin

The health management cloud platform based on intelligent hardware and Internet of Things technology provides a variety of health management supporting services. Enterprises, communities, or health management institutions can obtain user health test data in real time through the health management cloud platform, and provide personalized health management services, such as education presentations and chronic disease science management.

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