Pain Point of Primary Care

In recent years, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have prioritized the development of primary medical and health care as a key area, and further woven a health protection network for basic medical and health services. As most community health service centres close to residents, they have a wide range of services and a large workload. Many testing equipment needs to be updated. The existing equipment is heavily loaded, which reduces the service efficiency of primary medical institutions; the information platform is still being laid. Need to continue to improve, should strengthen the management of chronic diseases and dynamic data detection support to improve the general low health awareness and poor coordination among residents.

The “Public Health Solution” is Li Kang’s response to the “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline”, relying on excellent medical services and community hospitals, fully integrating the health testing equipment of primary medical care, building smart health houses, and smoothing residents’ health self-inspection and self-inspection. Health management and access to health education and early intervention.

Public Health Solutions

Health Cabin

Through the construction of health cabin in primary medical institutions, the system automatically monitors the health status of the inspected population, and collects, stores, processes, and analyzes the health data of residents in real-time. Provide medical guidance and appointment for healthy people. After basic health data is collected, health management files can be automatically established to achieve interconnection and interoperability of information platforms, providing strong support and guarantee for normal data monitoring required for chronic disease management.

Advantages of Our Solution

  1. Self-service physical examination reduces the pressure of primary medical staff. At the same time, the test data is filed according to national standards, reducing the working time of medical staff building files, and quickly improving file building efficiency.
  2. Through the comprehensive information management system and real-name registration, realize the information management of registration, file creation, inspection, printing, etc., real-time docking of public and health platforms to achieve interconnection, avoid repeated file creation, and improve the qualification rate and accuracy of file creation.
  3. Intelligent integrated self-service testing equipment, testing data uploading to the chronic disease management cloud platform, regular and irregular visits by doctors, so that electronic health files change from dead files to live files for dynamic management.
  4. Through health testing and health education, screening the chronically ill people, providing medical guidance and appointments, so as to achieve early prevention, early detection and early treatment.
  5. The tester can view historical test information at any time through the mobile phone, and obtain health guidance such as health assessment, diet exercise, etc., which makes health management change from passive to active, facilitates the promotion of health knowledge, and cultivates residents’ health awareness and self-management.

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