On August 19th, the two-day 2020 Shanghai International Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition ended successfully in Hall 5.1H, Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of “Building a Global Anti-epidemic Material Procurement Platform and Helping Global Unified Anti-epidemic Actions”, this exhibition will build face-to-face cooperation and procurement platform for both parties in the field of anti-epidemic materials to promote the standardized, standardized and orderly development of the anti-epidemic materials market.

Many agents stop for consultation

The HealForce booth was crowded with people, and the star products displayed on the spot: fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument, biological safety cabinet, monitor, blood oximeter, mask and follow-up box, attracted many dealers and agents to stop and consult, and the staff met with them face to face. Negotiations and patient introduction of the product’s performance characteristics have allowed many customers and friends to fully affirm the HealForce brand products.

The staff patiently introduced the product features
The live news live atmosphere

Faced with the front-line needs of epidemic prevention and control, Li Kang has maintained a high sense of responsibility from beginning to end, quickly opened up production, distribution, export and other links, played a role as a benchmark for Chinese national brands, and made positive contributions to the global fight against the epidemic with practical actions.

Designed for multi-line genetic testing- Trident 960 PCR instrument

Combat COVID-19: Heal Force Rushed to Assist Epidemic Prevention in Urumchi

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