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On December 8, 2020, the 2nd China Laboratory Development Conference opened at the Beijing National Convention Center. This conference focused on hot issues such as laboratory testing safety and brought together many experts and scholars in the industry to discuss together.
Laboratory safety has always been the top priority of laboratory design and management. According to equipment and technical conditions, the World Health Organization divides biological laboratories into four levels, and requires biological laboratories of level P2 and above to be equipped with biological safety cabinets to protect laboratory personnel and samples.

As one of the drafting and revising units of China's biosafety cabinet industry standard YY0569-2005/2011, Heal Force is the brand that developed and produced biosafety cabinets earlier in China. It is also the earliest manufacturer of biosafety cabinets in Asia and has a domestic market share. One of the higher brands.

HFsafe LC series biological safety cabinet

During the experiment, HFsafe LC series biological safety cabinet can provide a clean operating environment in the cabinet. The airflow is filtered and blown to the sample vertically to prevent sample contamination and cross-contamination. At the same time, it protects the experimenters. The exhaust of the biological safety cabinet It is filtered by a high efficiency filter to protect the environment.

一. Safe airflow mode

The safety cabinet adopts professional design, can accurately grasp the air flow direction, and is equipped with multiple wind speed and flow sensor monitoring to protect the safety of test samples, personnel and the environment.

二. Comfortable working environment

Optimize the internal space design, moderate light intensity and spacious operating area, give the operator a more comfortable working environment, accord with the ergonomic design, and reduce the operator’s fatigue during long-term operation.

三.Professional quality assurance

Perform factory performance testing in accordance with the requirements of the YY0569 standard. Each factory safety cabinet will be tested for the integrity of the high efficiency filter through the ATI leak scanner.

Healforce has always been paying attention to the hot frontiers of the industry and is committed to providing diversified solutions for life science laboratories. Its biosafety cabinets, clean benches, PCR machines, carbon dioxide incubators, high/low speed centrifuges, pure water equipment, low-temperature cold chain products, and many other star products have been approved by scientific researchers from major universities, enterprises, hospitals, and scientific research institutions. widely accepted!

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