recently, as working together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic become a major priority, Heal Force has been awarded by Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association – the 2020 Anti-epidemic Commendation Certificate and Commemorative Trophy. This is the recognition and affirmation of our efforts and responsibilities towards this epidemic!

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic started in the end of 2019, Heal Force responded quickly, by working together, engineers across the country overcame adversity and uncertainty, went to the resolute front line of the epidemic – Leishenshan Hospital and Huoshenshan Hospital delivered and installed equipment.

Heal Force
Enginereers were working on site of Leishenshan Hospital, 2020

A sense of society responsibility and commitment means put others and the country first. We alway feels that everyone is accountable for fulfilling their civic duty, the actions of an individual or a company like Heal Force must benefit the whole of society, therefore Heal Force always is dedicated in fight against this globle outbreak.

Heal Force
Donation of lab instruments for Xiangyang City First Hospital

Heal Force donated a set of real-time PCR instrument and other lab equipment which were worth more than 200,000RMB, used for nucleic acid testing in Xiangyang City First Hospital to help epidemic prevention and control.

A thank you letter from Xiangyang City First Hospital to Heal Force

In early 2020, it was the beginning of the epidemic, our communist, leading cadres proactively took responsibilities, fully completed the production task by working overnight to fulfill the instant needs and to prevent equipment shortage.

Everyone worked together
Loading instruments overnight for the globle outbreak

Pulse Oximeter, Forehead Thermometer, Anesthesia Machine and other equipment were loaded quickly, distributed these anti-epidemic substances to the world.

By having social responsibility and the sympathy towards the victims of this pandemic, Heal Force as a group always stands with all anti-epidemic workers fight on frontline of fighting epidemic.

Today, the epidemic prevention and control has achieved remarkable results. In the future, Heal Force will continue to move forward, focus on the development of national medical equipment. Provide better value to the society, industry and customers with high-quality services. Actively fulfill social responsibilities and make contribute to China and the world!

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