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Heal Force Newsletter: September Roundup of the Latest Blogs-2021


Heal Force Newsletter: September Roundup of the Latest Blogs-2021

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Heal Force September roundup of the latest blogs.
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Dive in to continue learning about Heal Force’s Medical Equipment, Life Science instrument, neonatal and Homecare products. 
See What’s New: Online 3D Exhibition Hall
With the completion of the 3D online exhibition hall, Heal Force products have been systematically sorted out and presented in a comprehensive manner. 
The showroom display different sections that include medical and laboratory equipment while achieving an upgrade of its visual identity.
Click here to see Heal Force 3D Exhibition Hall

Medical Equipment 

4 Common Points of Hardware Configuration of OR Integration Construction
Heal Force iForce OR integration is committed to the development of an intelligent operating environment, clinical digitalization, and refined management, which is suitable for new smart operating rooms and old operating rooms transformation.

Application of Bipolar Coagulation in Delicate Surgery

With the rise of micro-neurosurgery and cerebrovascular disease surgery, bipolar coagulation has become the most important part of this type of surgery that its electrosurgical function is indispensable to subtle hemostasis.

Life Science Section 

Gradient PCR instrument Purchasing Recommendations

For the PCR instrument, the temperature control index mainly refers to temperature accuracy and uniformity, and temperature rise and fall speed. Hot lid, sample holder, and software of Heal Force Thermal Cycler PCR instrument has functionality and humanized design, which is more attractive to users. 

3 Tips for Safely Operating a Centrifuge

Centrifuge is an indispensable important equipment for life science research. Regarding how to ensure the safe operation of the centrifuge and give full play to its performance, we have compiled some safety tips for operating Heal Force centrifuge safely and related precautions.

Perinatal Care Section

 All about the baby incubator!

Since Heal Force infant incubator’s launch, it has won the recognition of many medical institutions and leading departments with its advantages of science, convenience and safety.             
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Hemolytic Jaundice in Newborns

When neonatal jaundice occurs, it is important to identify whether it is physiological or pathological jaundice. Once it is identified as neonatal hemolytic jaundice, it needs to be treated in a timely manner so as not to cause bad consequences. 

Homecare Products

Blood oxygen status is clear at a glance with a wrist pulse oximeter

Blood oxygen saturation can feed back on respiratory health during sleep. If the blood oxygen level is low, it is easy to cause symptoms such as fatigue, sleepiness, inattention, and memory loss. If there is a problem with blood oxygen, please timely test blood oxygen or seek medical advice!

ECG Monitor, a necessity for Cardiovascular patients

A fast ECG monitor should be available at home. If you feel that your heart rate is significantly faster or slower, or feel arrhythmia, especially frequent early beatings, you should immediately turn off the TV, rest in bed, and take medication as appropriate for symptomatic treatment.

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Homecare Products

Laboratory Equipment 

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