Biological Safety

Biological Safety is the prevention of large-scale loss of biological integrity, focusing both on ecology and human health. These prevention mechanisms include conduction of regular reviews of the biosafety in laboratory settings, as well as strict guidelines to follow. Biosafety is used to protect from harmful incidents. Many laboratories handling biohazards employ an ongoing risk management assessment and enforcement process for biosafety. Failures to follow such protocols can lead to increased risk of exposure to biohazards or pathogens.

Epidemic report

Winter is the season of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases. As the Spring Festival is approaching, the COVID-19 Epidemic at home and abroad affects everyone’s heart.
Recently, in order to cooperate with Tianjin to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the production workshop of Heal Force worked overtime, deployed several Biological Safety Cabinets, and built a strong biological safety defense line.

Helping the construction of front-line PCR Nucleic Acid Laboratories

In order to actively respond to the relevant requirements of the new coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing “should be tested” and “willing to be tested”, many hospitals and urban Nucleic Acid Testing bases in Tianjin have newly built standardized PCR Laboratories. The newly built laboratory has urgent tasks, and the demand for testing instruments is also great.

biological safety

Adopting the method of “reversing the construction period and working overtime”, Heal Force deployed several Biological Safety Cabinets to help the construction of the local PCR Laboratory. Heal Force after-sales service personnels complete the delivery, installation, commissioning and other work in the shortest possible time.

The completed new PCR Laboratory will play a huge role in large-scale Nucleic Acid Testing work. Biological Safety Cabinets, the core equipments in the laboratory construction process, will also be put into use as soon as possible.

Biological Safety Cabinets build a biosafety protective barrier

The clinical detection and research of the new coronavirus has extremely high risks, and the Preparation of Reagents, Nucleic Acid Extraction, and Detection are all inseparable from Biosafety Laboratories and Biological Safety Cabinets.

A Biological Safety Cabinet is a box-type air purification negative pressure safety device that can prevent some dangerous or unknown biological particles from dissipating aerosols during the experimental operation and processing. Biological Safety Cabinet can provide safety guarantee for clinical laboratory workers and scientific researchers who are fighting on the frontline of anti-epidemic.

According to Heal Force engineers, Heal Force Biological Safety Cabinet adopts professional design, which can accurately grasp the air flow direction, and is equipped with multiple wind speed and flow sensor monitoring. The humanized design can also reduce the operator’s fatigue in long-term operation, and give the operator a more comfortable working environment, which is recognized and praised by the front-line staff.

Work together to fight the epidemic

In the post-epidemic era, the importance of laboratory biosafety protection to primary hospitals is self-evident. From the 14th Five-Year Plan to the implementation of the Biosafety Law, Our country has raised laboratory safety to an unprecedented level from the legislative level. Laboratory Biosafety issues have also received extensive attention from all walks of life.

As a domestic first-line brand, Heal Force has been deeply involved in the field of medical devices for more than 33 years. For epidemic prevention and control, Heal Force has launched relevant Nucleic Acid Testing equipment solutions, which can provide efficient and flexible emergency solutions for the construction of Nucleic Acid Testing laboratories. During the epidemic prevention and control period, Heal Force provides continuous support and guarantee for the construction of biosafety.

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