On the first day of 2022, with the official announcement of a positive Nucleic Acid Testing result for COVID-19 in Beilun District, Beilun District of Ningbo City organized a large-scale Nucleic Acid Testing.


Receive orders, Act immediately

Since the outbreak in Beilun on January 1, the demand for Nucleic Acid Testing has increased rapidly. Normally, a PCR machine can only test a maximum of 96 samples at a time. In order to complete large-scale Nucleic Acid Testing tasks in a short period of time, It is essential to add Nucleic Acid Testing instruments and equipments.

“I have experience, let me go!” On January 1, Heal Force received the relevant notification to reinforce Nucleic Acid Testing equipments. The engineer from Heal Force Hangzhou Office, took the initiative and went to the Nucleic Acid Testing base with Heal Force engineer, fighting all night, and on January 2nd afternoon, the installation, performance verification and testing of PCR Thermal Cyclers and other core equipments were completed. During special periods, Heal Force engineers are on standby 24 hours a day to provide a strong guarantee for the speed and accuracy of Nucleic Acid Testing.

It is reported that as of January 2, with the influx of the first batch of Nucleic Acid Testing samples in Beilun, the Nucleic Acid Testing base was officially opened as the second urban Nucleic Acid Testing base in Ningbo, with an average daily testing volume of 30,000 tubes and 300,000 person-times. According to authoritative media reports, the sixth round of Nucleic Acid Testing has been completed in the Beilun epidemic control area in Ningbo City. The epidemic is still ongoing, and the prevention and control work of epidemic cannot be relaxed.

Anti-epidemic technology provides strong guarantee for epidemic prevention

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, strong Nucleic Acid Testing capabilities have supported our country’s strong prevention and control of “External anti-input, internal anti-rebound”. Achieving efficient and rational operation of laboratories is a hot topic at present, and the use of lean management tools, cutting-edge scientific and technological means and continuous attention to talents will be the core driving force for the construction and development of laboratories in the future.

With more than 33 years of deep cultivation in the field of medical equipment, Heal Force Life Science focuses on providing perfect and reliable digital medical and laboratory solutions. We are always guided by market demand, keep improving, constantly update and iterate the performance of laboratory products from the technical level, and devote to providing higher quality testing services for clinics and patients.

Heal Force fully participated in the formulation of the national standard of Chinese “General Principles for Performance Evaluation of Real-Time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Instruments”

The X960 fully automatic medical PCR Analysis System in Heal Force Laboratory Product series has been praised unanimously by domestic and foreign hospitals, disease control, customs, and other end users. Heal Force X960 Real-time PCR has made great contributions to the fight against the epidemic due to its good stability, convenient operation, fast running speed and time saving and many other features.

X960 automatic medical PCR Analysis System

X960 automatic medical PCR analysis system is a real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR analysis system launched by Heal Force. It maintains the consistent high quality of Heal Force. It has two configuration options: two-channel and five-channel (the fifth channel is reserved), equipped with standard 96-hole gold-plated modules to meet different application needs.

  1. Hardware Design
    The fluorescence detection system adopts LED light source, high-resolution CCD camera, and open reagents and consumables. The platform is highly versatile, and many samples can collect fluorescence signals at the same time.
  2. Temperature control system
    Using Peltier-Based technology, the maximum temperature rise and fall speed is up to 5℃/s, which greatly saves the user’s time; it has high detection sensitivity, and a single template can be detected at least; the equipment has good temperature control uniformity, which effectively reduces the difference between holes, and ensures the data accuracy for copy samples.
  3. Data analysis system
    Independently developed and designed software analysis module, the operation interface is intuitive and clear, and can be switched between Chinese and English mode, covering a variety of analysis modes, relative/absolute quantification, melting curve analysis, isothermal amplification, HRM analysis, etc.

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