Since the promulgation of the “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline” in 2016, health care institutions at all levels, civil affairs pensions, and service institutions have been exploring the construction and operation of intelligent health service platforms. As a well-known brand in the industry for “primary-level public health solutions”, Heal Force has long been committed to the renewal and iteration of public primary-level medical equipment, assisting the construction of primary-level public health medical projects at all levels, and reducing the pressure on medical workers.
The integrated health management Medibase cloud platform launched by Heal Force provides high-capacity data cloud storage, big data analysis, business statistics, business collaboration, platform direct connection and other functions, and assists primary care in disease screening, two-way diagnosis and treatment, health intervention, and epidemic prevention. It implements the construction thinking of “medical consortium to promote hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and remote referral”.

The “Primary-Level Public Health Solution” is also to actively respond to the health and poverty alleviation work called by the state, help solve the problem of poverty caused by illness, and allow residents to experience high-quality physical examination services and integrated management of chronic diseases without leaving their homes.

The Community Health Service Center of Huiji District, Zhengzhou City actively responds to the Healthy China Plan called by the state, and is committed to solving the problems of “long time-consuming, high cost, and cumbersome processes” in the health management of community residents, in hand with Heal Force to build integrated health management, facilitation of chronic disease prevention, and one-stop physical examination service” as the center of the medical and health service platform, simplifying the physical examination process of residents from the community to the medical institution.

Primary-Level Public Health Solution
A community health service center in Zhengzhou

Heal Force Healthcare Cabin has multiple vital signs monitoring and software evaluation functions, supporting height, weight, body fat, vision, ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar, uric acid, total cholesterol, hemoglobin, vital capacity, bone density, urine liquid analysis, arteriosclerosis, ultrasound and other testing items, and integrated data management functions.

At the same time, the healthcare cabin can provide users with health risk assessment (including sub-health self-test, chronic fatigue syndrome self-test), psychological assessment (including psychological stress self-test, stress self-test, sleep quality self-test, depression self-test, anxiety self-test) etc.

A community health service center in Zhengzhou

We actively respond to the “Internet + medical health” policy plan. Users can obtain health test data (reports) in real-time through our supporting mobile phone software “Yuanlian APP” through which personalized health management services are obtained such as educational presentations, scientific management of chronic diseases.

Health Cabin After-Sale Service

Heal Force after-sales service center has always adhered to the five-hearted service tenet of “attentive, dedicated, caring, assured and satisfactory”, firmly believes in the service concept of “achieving customers is achieving yourself”, and dedicated to providing users with effective, timely, systematic after-sales solutions and special and personalized application services.

The primary-level public health solutions can also help to efficiently implement national basic public health services, including a self-help file creation system, file creation according to national standards, and rapid file creation, which improves the traditional file creation workload and storage difficulties. The integrated information management system can realize the information management of registration, file creation, inspection, printing, etc., seamlessly connect to the public health platform, realize the interconnection of health data, avoid repeated file creation, improve the qualification rate and accuracy of file creation, and helping building a healthy China.

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