From hometown to far away
We are far from family
I always want to pay more attention to the health of my loved ones
Let love not be blocked by distance
Heal Force Personal Health Testing Terminal
Both video call and health detection management functions
It is the sincere care that children give to parents

Heal Force

Personal health detection terminal

Heal Force launched a personal health detection terminal, which integrates communication and health detection functions. It can not only realize video and audio calls with parents, but also detect multiple physical health values of users, intelligently identify and analyze physical abnormal data, and transmit it in real time through IoT technology. The detection data adopts a humanized design, which can be connected to family groups, one person can measure, and the whole family can pay attention to it.

The personal detection terminal is equipped with powerful functional modules, which can detect heart rate, ECG, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, weight and many other key body values. For middle-aged and elderly people, regular and long-term monitoring of physical health is one of the important methods for chronic disease management. The Heal Force personal health monitoring terminal can visually display various health indicators of the body, and timely warning of abnormal values to help family health management.

A new generation of health equipment
Both video communication and health detection functions
Use IoT technology to upload multiple health values
Remotely view measurement results anytime, anywhere

It can analyze and generate a health status trend chart, intuitively and thoroughly understand the development trend of key body values, and provide users with timely warning of abnormal values. The visual interface makes the health status clear at a glance.

Humanized design

Face recognition, intelligent file creation
Compatible with a variety of third-party brand health testing equipment
Manual input of measurement records also included in historical measurement reports
Internet online consultation
Docking with Chunyu doctor platform can upload measurement results online
Provide real-time online communication with doctors
Intelligent analysis function
According to the measurement results, analyze the user’s physical condition
Provide health reference for users

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