Heal Force PCR Laboratory Solution Provides Guarantee for Epidemic Prevention and Control.

Recently, affected by a new round of epidemic, many places across our country have adopted strict epidemic prevention and control measures, implemented the dynamic clearing policy without slackening, and carried out large-scale nucleic acid testing in many places.

The relevant person in charge of the National Health Commission introduced on the 14th, March that the current local epidemic has spread to 27 provinces across our country, showing the characteristics of many points, wide areas and high frequency.

Experts have comprehensively judged that the current epidemic prevention and control in our country as a whole, the general strategy of foreign import, internal defense rebound, and the general policy of dynamic clearing are completely effective to deal with the Omikron epidemic, but due to the characteristics of Omikron’s strong invisibility and rapid spread require us to take earlier, faster, stricter and more concrete measures in the process of responding to the epidemic.

Heal Force New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory full scenario solution provides you with a comprehensive solution of the New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory equipment and instruments, and continues to provide a strong guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.

New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Detection——PCR Laboratory full scene solution

Help strengthen the construction of public health institutions, Improve nucleic acid detection sensitivity and speed up nucleic acid detection

Sample Preparation

Medical refrigerated freezer
2-8℃ low temperature freezer

Clean Bench
AlphaClean 1300 OptiClean 1300/OptiClean 900

Sample Preparation

HF safe LC series biological safety cabinet
HFsafe-900LC/ HFsafe-1200LC/HFsafe-1500LC/HFsafe-1800LC

Benchtop high-speed (refrigerated) centrifuge
Neofuge 13R

Neofuge 15R

Ultrapure water machine series
Smart/Smart Plus /Smart Mini Smart ROP&ROE High Purity Water System

Sample Amplification

Fully automatic medical PCR analysis system

HF safe LC series biological safety cabinet
HFsafe-900LC B2/HFsafe-1200LC B2/HFsafe-1500LC B2/HFsafe-1800LC B2

Sample preservation

Medical refrigerated freezer
-86℃ low temperature freezer

-40℃ low temperature freezer

-25℃ low temperature freezer

Mobile PCR Laboratory

Mobile PCR laboratory

Mobile nucleic acid detection vehicle

Design diagram of each area of ​​PCR laboratory

Divided into reagent preparation area, sample preparation area, PCR amplification area, product analysis area, and 4 buffer rooms

Just Lab Laboratory Management Software

A digital application system that assists the management of various equipments in the laboratory, with the characteristics of intelligence, convenience and openness

It has historical data record traceability, equipment usage record and other functions.


Internal Layout

Enter the main section of mobile PCR diagnostic laboratory from the corridor to the buffer room, each laboratory is divided into reagent preparation area, sample preparation area, amplification analysis area, and decontamination room, all experimental rooms are independent of each other and cannot be directly entered.

Each independent laboratory is equipped with a special buffer room, and the buffer room is equipped with a wardrobe for the staff to change clothes before entring the mobile PCR diagnostic laboratory.

Entering each working area must strictly follow a single direction rule, that is, only entering by the sequence of: from the reagent preparation area, specimen preparation area, amplification and analysis area on the left to the decontamination room on the right to avoid cross-contamination.

The areas are clearly divided and strictly follow the laboratory standard

Exhaust Air Design

Air flow map

The exhaust outlet is equipped with a high-efficiency air filter, and the exhaust air is turned on before the supply air, and then closed after the supply air. Air conditioner is installed, control the indoor pressure to be the overall negative pressure one-way air flow, and the air supply and exhaust mode is from top to bottom. The exhaust pipe is made of stainless steel, and the air supply and exhaust pipes with closed valves connected to the laboratory protection area.

The air-conditioning system meets cold, hot and humidity load of biological safety cabinets, centrifuge refrigerators and other equipment. The clean air-conditioning system is designed in accordance with the P2+ standard biosafety laboratory to ensure that the air volume and the set number of air changes in the clean room meet the requirements, and the step pressure difference in each room is stable. The ventilation and exhaust system is equipped with the latest fresh air conditioners, and the material is highly anti-corrosive. The exhaust system is filtered by a special system to meet the standard outdoor exhaust requirements.


Equipped with UV lamp air disinfection and non-stop disinfection system modules. Infectious medical waste is treated by high temperature sterilization to avoid cross-infection and contamination to protect the environment.

specimen preparation area
amplification and analysis area

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