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Patient monitors and other equipment have been widely used in clinical departments, even communities and families, which are used to monitor the patient’s vital signs information, reflecting the patient’s instantaneous physiological changes in a timely manner. When a critical situation occurs, it helps the medical staff to carry out effective treatment as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the patients’ life.

In recent years, with the continuous addressing of China ’s medical level and the gradual improvement of the medical and social security system, the clinical monitoring technology and performance levels of monitoring products at all levels of hospitals have been significantly improved.

Heal Force is committed to providing practical and cost-effective products for clinical and scientific research institution systems, and subdividing the products according to the field of use. For example, the monitoring product series covers various objects such as general and emergency patients, critically ill patients, fetuses and newborns.

Apollo N2 – General and Emergency Ward Monitoring

Apollo N2 adopts friendly and humanized operation interface and one-click quick operation mode to save medical staff more time and energy in response to the characteristics of many patients in the general and emergency wards and the heavy workload of medical staff.

Our self-developed high-performance parameter module not only realizes the stable monitoring in various environments but also provides reliable values ​​under long-term high-intensity continuous monitoring.

Apollo N4 – Intensive Care Patient Monitor

The complicated working environment of the intensive care unit and any subtle changes in vital signs of the intensive care patient may cause unexpected consequences, so higher requirements are placed on the intensive care patient monitor.

ApoIIo N4 patient monitor has a 15-inch LED highlight touch screen, ultra-thin body, rich functional ports, humanized multi-operation interface, upgradeable EtCO2, IBP and other functions, with various high-precision parameter modules. Not only can it make monitoring more effective, but also ensure the accuracy of each measurement parameter.

Apollo N5 – Specialized Patient Monitor for Operating Room

The operating room has almost stringent requirements for the patient monitor. In addition to meeting the needs of working in a variety of strong electromagnetic interference environments, it also requires real-time monitoring and measurement of life parameters under anesthesia during patient surgery.

Apollo N5 provides professional monitoring reference for surgery. The whole machine adopts plug-in design, cooperates with various high-performance parameter modules, and combines the conditions of different patients. The functions can be arbitrarily combined to cater to various clinical surgical monitoring needs and escort the surgical procedure.

iMD 8 – Patient Monitor for Transfer

In order to better meet the clinical demands of different departments for transfer monitors, Heal Force has launched the new portable plug-in patient monitor iMD8 on the basis of high quality. The basic function parameters of the standard configuration apply to the conventional patient monitoring, and the plug-in function of the modular high-end parameters can not only be flexibly combined but also used for operation upgrade.

The iMD8 multi-parameter monitor is equipped with an 8.4-inch LED touch screen and ultra-thin body design, which makes the transfer process more convenient. The unique transfer hidden hook can be easily installed on the transfer bed and infusion rack, with the humanized operation menu and good expansion slots and interfaces, to solve the clinical transfer monitoring needs.

 iMD 12 – OR / ICU Patient Monitor

The iMD12 multi-parameter monitor has unique blood pressure operation prompt buttons and measurement prompt sounds, allowing users to see the blood pressure measurement status at a glance; a variety of display interface combinations provide more intuitive monitoring observation for the clinic. Coupled with more humanized operation menus and powerful software functions, it can solve various clinical monitoring needs.

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