The ceiling pendant is an important gas supply medical equipment for the modern operating room of the hospital. It is mainly used for the terminal transfer of various medical gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and compressed air in the operating room. It features an anti-bacterial and anti-fouling composite surface, driven by a motor for quick and efficient operation.

With the development of modern operating rooms, the standard for medical pendant equipment is getting higher and higher. Heal Force launched a new medical pendant with modular design and good applicability to meet different operating room application scenarios. Six guide rails are matched with multiple working surfaces, which are available for assembly of abundant accessories with the advantages of stable work, strong loadability, safety, and reliability.

Ceiling Pendant

-Modular Air Source/Power Socket System-

1 Modular air supply system
2 Modular power supply system
3 Continuous arc design

  • Innovative modular structure with more flexible configuration
  • Different gas, power supply, and data modules can be replaced at will

Customized Design

1 Reliable supporting device
2 Modular air supply system
3 Tray with armrests
4 Modular power supply system
5 Independent hanging area
6 High-quality operation panel
7 Metal storage basket

  • Applied to multiple partitions, equipped with trays with armrests

-Six Built-In Rails-

Classic built-in guide rails; four working surface design;
The height and position of the guide rail can be adjusted at will;
International standard specifications with the ability to carry or connect a variety of equipment.

-Newly Designed Cavity Tower-

1 Tray with armrests
2 Modular power supply

Modular air source/power socket system
Tray with armrests, super high load
Meet the needs of different brands of endoscope equipment

Our medical pendant series is constantly innovating. It has the advantages of advanced design, precision manufacturing, safety and reliability, and high standardization which features a convenient modular design and provides users with scientific space to meet individual use scenarios. At the same time, our quality materials are anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, easy to clean which are widely praised by the industry and the market.

According to different operating room and ward use environment, Heal Force can provide different equipment combination schemes, integrate multiple functions, and effectively improve the efficiency and safety of nursing work in operating rooms and daily wards. Having Focused on the medical and health field for more than 30 years, we’ve gained the recognition and trust of medical staff with our high-quality products and professional services!

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