Integrated Operating Room

Heal Force upgrades Integrated Operating Room Solutions

With the advancement of information technology, minimally invasive surgery has developed rapidly. It is based on the creation of high efficiency and high safety in the operating room, the integration of high-definition medical image information processing systems, equipment centralized control systems and interactive remote video conference systems. The fully integrated modern operating room has become the mainstream of the development of modern hospitals.

Heal Force Integrated Operating Room——One-stop construction & renovation overall solution

iForce Integrated Operating Room——Data-centric integrated comprehensive information management platform

The overall solution of Heal Force iForce Integrated Operating Room integrates suspension system, image transmission, information integration, equipment control, visual operation report, remote consultation, and live broadcast. The host adopts a minimalist industrial design, which does not affect the purification project of the operating room, and provides new ideas for the deployment of general operating rooms.

Professional Standardized Construction

Integrated Operating Room

Heal Force participated in the compilation of “Digital Operating Room Construction Standards”, with an experienced project team, with modern medical technology as the core, reasonable layout in the operating room with relatively limited space. From a professional point of view and customer needs, Heal Force provides customers with satisfactory solutions and after-sales service for operating room construction, and old renovation, etc. throughout the process.

Simple and compact design

AB1000 Integrated Operating Room System

AB1000 digital operating room system, compact body, easy to deploy, system open design, compatible with various medical imaging equipment: digestive endoscope, laparoscope, microscope, C-arm, ultrasound, DSA and other equipments.


The integrated touch screen control panel integrates operating room control functions, and at the same time joins the surgical electronic medical record system, covering multiple links such as recording, query, summary review, etc., making the operation more flexible and convenient.


Supports 4K image transmission, and can coexist downwards. Support optical fiber, network, 4G, 5G, etc., support multi-point online observation and live broadcast of surgery, online two-way audio and video interaction, surgery observation, remote consultation, and remote teaching.

Equipment integration

Heal Force has a complete production and supply chain of operating room instruments and equipments, and provides customers with professional, personalized and customized services based on the actual situation of users and on-demand customization, allowing customers to experience the convenience of one-stop configuration solutions and the peace of mind for later maintenance.


Heal Force takes the patients as the center and the quality as the core to improve the experience of medical staff. The iForce integrated operating room solution comprehensively improves hospital management, department operation efficiency, and medical service quality through information technology. Digitalization opens the future, and jointly builds a new era of digital intelligent therapy in the operating room.

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