The Provincial Continuing Education Medical Education Project “2021 Academic Symposium of the Neonatology Group of the Pediatric Professional Committee” organized by the Office of the Hainan Provincial Continuing Medical Education Committee was successfully concluded on September 12, 2021.

Scholars and Experts of Neonatal Department from all walks of life gather to share an academic feast

The training targets of the “2021 Academic Seminar of the Neonatology Group of the Pediatric Professional Committee” include doctors, nurses and related professionals engaged in pediatrics and internal medicine in various types of medical and health institutions at all levels. Through this training and learning, all learners who participated in the learning process and passed the assessment could not only be awarded 5 credits for the provincial continuing medical education category I, but also discuss pediatric knowledge and academic research with academic experts in Hainan Province.

Professor Wang Laishuan made a theme sharing

This academic seminar not only brought together many experts from Hainan Province, but also invited Professor Wang Laishuan from Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Paediatric Hospital to give guidance. The two-day academic seminar allowed participants from all walks of life to fully swim in the ocean of pediatric knowledge. Among them, the topics of “Surgery Treatment of Neonatal Cardiovascular Diseases” and “Newborn Jaundice and Case Sharing” aroused Heal Force strong resonance.

Heal Force Newborn series made a brilliant debut

In this meeting, Heal Force specially brought FXQ4H Infant Radiant Warmer and Apollo N1-A Neonatal Monitor to participate.

In neonatal surgery, the function of the far-infrared radiation table is extremely important. It provides a good temperature protection environment for neonatal patients. Heal Force unique upper and lower blue light jaundice treatment is known as the powerful “helper” of neonatologists.

Infant Radiant Warmer


Heal Force Infant Radiant Warmer has two modes with manual and skin temperature, and unique blue light design, which does not affect the clinical and surrounding patients during treatment. It is suitable for the NICU intensive care area with many connected catheters, requiring rapid yellowing and frequently cared and rescued low-weight children. The unique software safety guarantee can prevent newborns from overheating. Equipped with a gas spring tilt device and a streamlined base bracket, it does not affect the clinical station during rescue and improves the clinical user experience.

Newborn Monitor

The monitoring of newborns is unusual. During the surgical procedure, it is necessary to closely and accurately monitor the physical signs of the child. Heal Force neonatal monitor is developed for the weak vital signs of newborns. It uses the “respiration measurement algorithm”, cooperated with the “asphyxia self-rescue module”, the American Masimo SET blood oxygen module, etc., which can monitor the newborn’s oxygen consumption timely and closely and make it no longer difficult to monitor the newborn’s breathing.

The content of this conference closely follows the frontiers of the subject, and the theory and clinical practice are closely integrated, rich and detailed, and provide assistance for strengthening the academic exchanges among medical institutions and the development of pediatrics. Heal Force gathered with senior experts and scholars from all walks of life to share this academic feast. Through this conference, Heal Force will keep up with the forefront of the subject, broaden its technological horizons, continue to meet the work needs of medical staff, and strive to provide high-quality products and services for pediatric medical staff and patients.

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